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Going to Germany to study while working in nursing, Vietnamese workers receive 34 million VND/month

Route 160 nurses to Germany to study and do course 4

The Department of Overseas Labor (Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs) has just announced a project to recruit Vietnamese students to become future nurses in Germany for the fourth term in 2022-2023.

Accordingly, the information said, the nursing candidate Vietnamese employees who come to Germany for vocational training are entitled to a salary of up to 1,300 EUR/month (equivalent to 34 million VND/month). After 3 years of study, you will be granted a certificate and receive a salary, along with the same benefits as a German citizen.


Vietnamese nurses working in Germany. Photo: VH

Specifically, in this 4th course (from 2022 to 2023), the Foreign Administration is expected to recruit, train and send 160 Vietnamese candidates to study and work in Germany in general nursing (including: taking care of the elderly, sick, children…).

Students can participate in a 12-month German language course, scheduled from July 2022 to August 2023. During the time of learning German, students get free accommodation and a meal allowance of 36 EUR/month (about 910,000 VND). In addition, the project also provides money for a general health check before leaving the country, visa fees and air tickets to Germany.

To find out project information, candidates can directly contact the Department of Overseas Labor Management, phone 02438249517, ext 508 or 511.

In Germany, students can attend a 3-year training course to become a general nurse and enjoy nursing salary vocational training equivalent to 27.5 – 34 million VND/month.

After successfully completing the course, the candidates will take the exams to get the language certificate, if successful, the candidate will be granted a national certificate, can work, enjoy the salary as a German citizen and other benefits. welfare. In addition, candidates are also considered for a long-term residence permit in Germany in accordance with German law.

Conditions to apply for Vietnamese citizens aged from 19 to 30 years old, graduated from an intermediate level, college or university majoring in nursing or have completed at least 1 year of a college or university program majoring in nursing or medical practice. department, physiotherapist, rehabilitation, midwife, pharmacist in Vietnam.

Candidates can apply in person or send by post to the address: Department of Overseas Labor, No. 41B Ly Thai To, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, or send the application by post. . Last date to receive applications is 10/6/2022.

According to the Department of Overseas Labor, the goal of the project is to train candidates Vietnamese nurses are eligible for labor immigration to Germany in a transparent and sustainable manner, bringing practical benefits to Vietnamese candidates and contributing to strengthening friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation between Vietnam. and Germany. Candidates do not have to pay any costs associated with submitting the application.

Nursing recruitment demand is increasing in many key markets

According to Mr. Nguyen Gia Liem – Deputy Director of the Department of Labor Management, this is a cooperation program between the Department of Overseas Labor and the German Organization for International Cooperation and the Center for Job Introduction and Foreign Human Resources under the Department of Labor. German Federal Labor Agency.


Besides Germany, many regional markets such as: Japan; Taiwan… is also in need of nursing labor in large numbers. Photo: VH

The program has implemented 3 courses with hundreds of candidates who have come to Germany to work. Many Vietnamese candidates are appreciated for their hard work. Candidates from Vietnam are also among the top candidates with the highest German national certificates.

Based on the assessment of the German market, the country has a very high demand for nursing workers, so the parties are also studying and evaluating to expand the recruitment of Vietnamese candidates to study and work. in Germany in nursing.

In addition to Germany, many large markets such as Japan, Singapore, Taiwan… also have a high demand for receiving nurses and midwives. However, at present, the number of Vietnamese workers that can meet the needs of major markets is still quite modest.

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