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Hello summer, a series of smart TVs with huge discounts, with preferential models of tens of millions

Contrary to the demand for air conditioners and fans in the car season, television is not a “hot” product at this time like before the Lunar New Year. That makes electronics supermarkets are implementing great incentive programs.

According to a survey of reporter Dan Viet, at many big supermarkets such as Dien May Xanh, MediaMart, Dien May HC… many TV lines are receiving great incentives, some smart TV models are discounted by more than 10 million VND.

Smart TV Sony

For customers who love sound quality, they can choose the Sony brand with a number of smart TV products at great discounts for the summer.

Hello summer, a series of smart TVs with big discounts in Vietnam - Photo 1.

Sony discounts many smart TV lines.

As noted by the reporter, Smart TV 4K Sony KD-75X80J 75 inch Google TV decreased 29% from 40 million VND to 30.89 million VND. 28% off is the Sony KD-55X80J 55-inch Google TV 4K Smart TV line from VND 24.3 million to VND 17.39 million.

OLED TV Sony 65 inch 65A80J Google TV reduced from 69.2 million VND to 52.9 million VND, equivalent to a decrease of 23%. The 65-inch Sony KD-65X80J 4K Smart TV series Google TV recorded a decrease of 26% from VND 31 million to VND 22.89 million.

Smart TV Coex

Among the brands applying the deepest promotions at the moment, Coex is emerging as a series of products recorded record declines.

Specifically, Smart TV Coex 4K 65 inch 65UT8000X Android 10 is the TV model with the highest reduction to 11.935 million VND from 27.99 million to 16.9 million VND. Smart TV Coex 4K 55 inch 55UT8000X Android 10 reduced by 6 million VND, equivalent to 31%, from 18.9 million VND to 12.9 million VND.

Smart TV Coex 4K 55 inch 55UT7000X Android 10 recorded a decrease from 17.9 million VND to 11,305 million VND. Smart TV Coex 4K 50 inch 50UT7000X Android 10 “exclusive” Mediamart account reduced from 15.9 million to 10.99 million.

Smart TV LG

Smart TV LG 4K 70 inch 70UP7800PTB ThinQ AI is the product line receiving the biggest discount of the Korean brand at electronics dealers at this time. Accordingly, this smart TV model is reduced by 40% from VND 36.9 million to VND 21.99 million.

Smart TV LG 4K 55 inch 55UP7550PTC ThinQ AI reduced from 18.9 million to 13.49 million. Meanwhile, 65-inch LG 4K Smart TV 65UP7550PTC ThinQ AI decreased by 26% from VND 25.99 million to VND 19.4 million.

Samsung Smart TV

Hello summer, a series of smart TVs with big discounts in Vietnam - Photo 2.

Many discount TV models. KP’s photo.

Samsung is one of the most popular brands in Vietnam. Some smart TV models of this Korean technology company also recorded a deep reduction to welcome the summer of 2022.

Specifically, QLED 4K Samsung 55Q60A 55-inch Smart TV decreased by 37% from VND 31.9 million to VND 19.9 million. With the choice of Smart TV Samsung 4K 55 inch 55AU8000 Crystal UHD, customers save 35% from 26.9 million VND to 17.39 million VND.

Samsung Smart TV model 4K 70 inch 70AU8000 Crystal UHD reduced by 24%, equivalent to 9.51 million VND from 38.9 million VND to 29.39 million VND.

Before the storm of summer offers, users have many choices from brands. However, before buying, you also need to choose a reputable supermarket system with good warranty and after-sales service because most of these smart TV models have a production time of 2020 or 2021.

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