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Hot war in Ukraine: Ukrainian intelligence knows in advance the end of the war

Hot war in Ukraine: Ukrainian intelligence knows in advance when the war will end - Photo 1.

“There is information in the Russian military that the special military operation will end next September,” the ministry said.

The war in Ukraine has lasted nearly 70 days with new developments Moscow focused all efforts in eastern and southern Ukraine after Russian forces failed to control Kiev.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced Russian forces are working to “denuclearize” and liberate areas he claims are oppressed by Ukraine. NATO allies and Ukrainian officials have flatly denied the Russian claim.

Defense officials have sounded the alarm that Putin’s real aim is to bridge Crimea with regions in eastern Ukraine that share a border with Russia. However, Putin’s ambitions extend far beyond the eastern Donbass and a Russian general announced last month that Moscow would seek to capture the southern regions of Ukraine along the Black Sea.

In a new statement on May 3, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said that Mariupol continued to be attacked by Russian forces and announced they were carrying out a “major cleanup”.

The ministry said: “The Russians are searching for and destroying the bodies of the dead. To do this, the city has set up three mobile crematoriums since April 15.” Mariupol is one of the hardest hit cities in Ukraine. This strategically important port city not only provides access from Russian-controlled territory to the southeast, but also helps Russia effectively squeeze the Donbass region by stepping up its forces from the east. south as well as to the north. Russia has not made any major military advances in the Donbass. But Ukrainian intelligence on May 3 reported that Moscow had ordered private businesses in Russia’s Rostov region – which borders Ukraine’s eastern front – to produce seals and stamps for the “occupier authorities”. in Mariupol.

The seals ordered were inscribed with the inscription: ‘Russia, Republic of Donbass, Mariupol, military-civilian administration’, the ministry said.

“The list of institutions that will receive the new seal includes educational institutions, hospitals, police, registry and administrative authorities. Although most of these are now occupied by the Russian military. completely destroyed,” added the Ministry of Defense.

Similar steps are believed to be underway in the Kherson region and will be rolled out in June, an area that officials have warned for weeks that Russia will also try to control.

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