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I feel inadequate because I have a higher degree than my husband

When I was young, I had several relationships. Those men, not rich, also bring high degree and social status. However, fate pushed me, in the end I did not marry any of them, but chose a sincere and honest man but had nothing in my hand.

I was 29 years old that year, still struggling with work, so I didn’t have a lover. That day, my mother fell in the bathroom and got up disaster. My father and I were not at home at that time. Fortunately, Huy passed by at that time, heard my mother’s cry for help, so he rushed her to the hospital. After that, my parents advised me to open my heart to Huy. Because compared to other people, he doesn’t have much economic ability but he is very good and deserves to be a husband.

Having known Huy for a while, I also understood his character and decided to please my parents. Anyway, grandparents go ahead, have more experience than me. However, after getting married, I realized that the gap between the two was too great. My husband is not very social, nor has a sharp mind, so he can never decide on big things. I’m a woman, but the big and small things in the house have to be touched.

I regret marrying a man with too much difference in qualifications - Photo 1.

I know no one can be perfect, but the distance between us is too big. (Illustration)

Not to mention we can’t talk for more than 15 minutes because we don’t have a common voice. I have a master’s degree, my husband only has a 3rd degree. My husband often mentions small issues, and I like to discuss things related to science and economics. Because of that, I never brought my husband to introduce to friends or colleagues at the company. My husband himself admits that, in front of people of high status, he always feels inferior and uncomfortable.

Currently, my wife and I have two children together. Because my husband spends a lot of time with his children, they love him very much. That is also one of the reasons why I have to consider before thinking about breaking up. I know everyone can’t be perfect, but the gap between us is too big, can anyone give me some advice?


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