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Is Lang Ba Vi Bo the strongest martial art Thien Long Bat Bo?

In Thien Long Bat Bo, Lang Ba Vi Bo is described by writer Kim Dung as a kind of superior martial art. The name Tomb of the Three Vi Bo is extracted from the verse in the poem “Lac Than Phu” by Cao Shi (Three Kingdoms period) which is “Tho tons of ice, adventure of the spirit, mausoleum of three vi Bo, la of life born in the world”. Tomb of the Three Vi Bo is a unique sect of the Tieu Dao sect.

The unique martial arts of the Tieu Dao sect

This martial art was created by Tieu Dao Tu. He passed it on to his disciple Wu Yazi. Later, Wu Yazi married Ly Thu Thuy and went to the hermitage of the Infinite Cave, he left this set of secrets when he left this place. Vo Nhai Tu hid 2 secrets of Bac Minh Than Cang and Tomb of Three Vi Bo in a lotus plate placed in front of the jade statue he had carved.

The secret of the three-step mausoleum was found by Doan Du in the Immeasurable cave when he fell here. In fact, Lang three vi Bo is not a separate practice but a formula located on the last page of the secret book of Bac Minh Than Cong. Normally, after practicing to become Bac Minh canon, learners will practice to Lang Ba Vi Bo.

Is mausoleum three the strongest martial art Thien Long Bat Bo: Readers should not be easily fooled - Photo 1.

Tomb of the Three Vi Bo is a light martial art created by Tieu Dao Tu. (Photo: Baidu)

Tomb of the three is a set of dharmas based on the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching that form. When meeting an opponent, the practitioner will rely on this set of spells to prevent himself from being hit. The reason why the Three Vipassanas can help practitioners like this is because the I Ching is inherently unpredictable, so this set of martial arts is also diverse, once deployed, it is difficult for the enemy to grasp. Therefore, even though Doan Du was poor in martial arts, when he was in danger, he was still able to escape thanks to the mausoleum.

In addition, in the Thien Long Bat Bo, it is also recorded that, after going 1 round with the Tomb of the Three Vi Bo, the practitioner’s internal strength will be increased. If you practice for a long time, you can also become a master of martial arts. This has made Lang Ba Vi Vi in the eyes of fans become a divine martial art.

However, according to Sohu news site, if you consider carefully, the content of Thien Long Bat Bo has overestimated the martial art of Lang Ba Vi Bo. In fact, this is just a very trivial sport, even with many loopholes that make it easy for the enemy to defeat its user. Let’s follow through these 2 characteristics of the Tomb of the Three Vi Bo.

Is the mausoleum three really superior?

Firstly, the three-pointed mausoleum can help the user avoid attacks in many directions. However, for great skills like Hang Long and Eight Palms, Nhat Duong Chi, Luc Circuit Divine Sword or martial arts of the Shaolin Sect, it has absolutely no effect.

The reason is that the Tieu Dao faction has not yet collected secrets such as Hang Long, Ten Eight Palms or Nhat Duong Chi. In addition, Mausoleum was originally created based on the I Ching, while the martial arts of the Shao Lam school were not based on the I Ching. Moreover, although Lang three vi Bo is a martial art of the Tieu Dao sect, Ly Thu Thuy and Thien Son Dong Lao did not deploy this technique when fighting. From here, it can be seen that Lang Ba Vi Bo is not really a powerful martial art.

Is Tomb of Three Vi Bo the strongest martial art Thien Long Bat Bo: Readers should not be easily fooled - Photo 2.

Doan Du used the mausoleum to escape many times of being chased. (Photo: Baidu)

Second, the speed of Lang Ba Vi Vi is really not fast. Because once, Kieu Phong and Doan Du used to compete in kick power (the strength of the feet). At that time of the competition, Doan Du, even though he used the Tomb of the Three Sides, was still unable to surpass Kieu Phong.

In terms of internal strength, Kieu Phong could not surpass Doan Du, because Doan Du had absorbed the internal gongs of many masters on the Gypsy, so he said that if he continued to compete, it would be difficult for him to surpass Doan Du. . However, through this we can also see, if Doan Du does not combine with the profound internal work gained by the Northern Lights, he cannot win against Kieu Phong. Thus, the movement speed of Lang Ba Vi Vi is not very fast.

Through the above two characteristics, Lang Ba Vi Bo can actually be said to be a mediocre martial art, in fact, it has been overestimated by many people. In fact, Lang Ba Vi Vi has many loopholes and does not achieve fast speed, so it is not standard to classify it as a superior martial art. This also proves why the great master Nhat Dang (Doan Tri Hung) in the novel “The Condor Heroes” did not know the martial art of Lang Ba Vi Bo, even though he was the later grandson of Doan Du.

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