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Likes to gather in a place where the whole neighborhood is rich, the interior is unknown but the breadth of the land is always sincere.

If in the South, rich people increasingly prefer smart and modern houses, even like to “climb” high-end apartments to buy Penthouses or Duplex for ventilation, then in the North, the rich still always makes people admire with expansive castles, with luxurious wooden furniture “inlaid” all over the house.

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In Saigon, the closer to the city center, the more expensive the house will be, and the house style is also more and more modern, following the smart and luxurious trend.

Meanwhile, the giants in the North prefer to build houses in the style of monumental castles during the day and palatial at night.

So have you ever wondered? “So in the West, what kind of houses do billionaires like to live in? Or where in the West is said to be the place where the most houses of the richest people gather?” If yes, then this will be an article sharing the author’s personal perspective on the most famous houses and rich neighborhoods in the West.


It sounds a bit strange, but in fact this village has been famous throughout the West, specifically in Can Tho City for decades.

People call this “the giant village”, because since it was planned until now, this place has always been in the top choice of many wealthy families who gather to buy land and build houses. The early years were still deserted, but after only a few years, this place has sprouted a lot of street houses built in different styles but one thing in common is that every house is RICH!


One of the most prominent aristocratic-style houses in the “giant village” of Con Khuong.

According to the share of a person living near Con Khuong said: “In the past, this place was very deserted, both the land and the fields grew close together. But since it was leveled, especially because of its beautiful location, the roads have been rebuilt and modern, so since then a few rich men in the region have lived. The West, or even in Saigon, also flocked to build houses, each house was big but beautiful, so it was like now.”

It is known that Con Khuong is an area in Cai Khe ward, Ninh Kieu district and Bui Huu Nghia ward, Binh Thuy district. One of the factors that attracts many tycoons to build a villa is because this place has a very unique location with a part lying along the Hau River and surrounded by Khai Luong canal. It feels like a small “oasis” that is both secluded but also very cool and peaceful despite being quite close to the city center.


Although the security in this Con Khuong area is very tight, the houses of the giants here are still very solid. At first glance, it looks a bit like the houses of the giants of the North, but closer look is softer, less ostentatious.

A few other prominent houses are also located in the “big village” of Con Khuong with an area of ​​several hundred square meters or more.

In 2002, Linh Thanh Real Estate Company Limited – the first investor to deploy the Con Khuong villa project, which is now known as the “giant village”, said: “The riverside villa project is invested with less than 10 hectares, the planning of the whole area is only 36 villa plots. The area of ​​each plot is from 1,000m2 to 1,500m2, buyers must comply with the maximum construction density of no more than 30% of the land area. The architecture here is also unified, each house is built according to its own features in order to create a diverse architectural space.” – Posted on Can Tho Online posted on 9/4/2011.


The Western giant’s house is first an asphalt road for supercars, then a road for yachts, canoes, and ships.


But now, from a quiet land – where people from farming, cultivating, raising fish, … but into a village of villas with each apartment worth from tens of billions of dong to several million dollars. That is why the security in this “giant village” is always strictly managed. To enter, it is required to pass the permission of the “protection layers”. It is also almost impossible for guests to visit if they want to go deep inside, so it is often said that this place is not only the area that attracts the rich but also “very attractive for fear of entering”!



Temporarily leave Con Thuong area to take a tour of other rich houses around Can Tho, then you will see that most of the houses of the giants here prefer to have a yard, a garden, or in front of the road, behind the bank. river. With houses like this in Saigon, sometimes “there is no money to buy”, but here accounts for the majority, of course, partly because of the typical geographical location of the river.


This is the house of seafood giant Dieu Hien – former mother-in-law of MC Quynh Chi before. Although she no longer lives in Vietnam, this villa is still famous and always mentioned by Westerners when they ask, “Which giant house is the biggest and most beautiful under me?”


The house of a seafood giant should have more or less motifs related to the marine industry.


With the feature of being located on a large street frontage with a huge yard, this villa has now been leased as a business office.


Another giant’s house located in Can Tho city has both modern and classical architecture.

The famous and rich houses in this Can Tho area all have one thing in common: they like to make large iron gates and paint them in gold so that from inside or outside they can see the huge yard. Not in the “closed gate high wall” style like the villas in Saigon and the North.


There are even houses with 2-3 interconnected gates. And in general, Western giants like houses that are not too tall, but focus on houses with large land and green gardens. supply-for-noi-that-thi-chua-biet-ai-hon-but-do-rong-cua-dat-luon-la-chan-ai-20220418150530057.chn

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