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Minh Hang was moved to tears when talking about her fiancé

Minh Hang Just held a show Fly me to the moon in Da Lat. Throughout the program, the female singer sang live more than 15 songs, including familiar songs renewed like Around the world, Babe so lonely, Who is it for, I beg you… combined with rapper Dablo.

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Minh always admits that his musical journey is not smooth, but tells himself to work hard every day.

During the show, Minh Hang sang while stirring up the atmosphere with humorous conversations with fans. The female artist is not afraid to talk about her love stories in the past, from when she first fell in love to adulthood.

In particular, when sharing about the wedding that will take place next June, she could not hide her emotions and burst into tears in front of the audience. The singer affirmed, “Although I’m about to get married, I will never give up the game.”

The singer was escorted by her business boyfriend to perform, but did not appear together. Although she did not publicize her fiancé on stage, Minh Hang confirmed that he was very happy and emphasized that he is a great man for her. The female singer also performed the song One house as a gift for a future husband.

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The show is also an opportunity for Minh Hang to announce the wedding date. The female singer is happy because she finally found a man for the landing of her life.

“Before, I never wanted to share my love for anyone and how I felt. I just want my artistic work to be known and recognized by everyone. I would like to take this opportunity to announce that Minh Hang has finally found someone who will accompany me to the end of the road…”, Minh Hang shared.

The singer said that she had thought that she would have to retire after marriage to take care of her family. However, when she met her current lover, she found herself motivated to continue developing her career. The singer’s boyfriend did not forbid her, on the contrary, she supported her wholeheartedly with the pursuit of her dream.

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Minh Hang held a wedding ceremony in June.

In mid-March, Minh Hang announced that her boyfriend proposed to her on a yacht on the Saigon River. The singer’s fiancé is a businessman, 10 years older than her. “When you say yes, June is no longer yours, but ours.” June is Minh Hang’s birthday, and also marks their six years together. The beauty said that it was a beautiful and suitable time for her to prepare the most thoughtful wedding. Before that, the singer kept secret about love.

The singer also went with the crew to Hanoi to choose a wedding dress. She chose a famous wedding brand that has designed for many international stars such as Beyoncé, Paris Hilton, Kirsten Corley… to be in charge of designing and creating her costume.

Minh Hang continued her exciting artistic activities in parallel with the wedding preparations. Recently, she often has to stay up until the next morning to prepare for the wedding. Minh Hang’s wedding will be held privately and privately with about 300 guests.

Minh Hang sings ‘One house’ for her fiancé and the audience

Thuy Ngoc

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Minh Hang tells about unfinished love before the weddingThe singer opened up about the unfinished feelings of old loves before officially getting on the flower car in June with her boyfriend.
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