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Need to multiply humanity on the driveway

Wednesday, May 4, 2022 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

Many opinions believe that the apology and forgiveness for minor collisions during traffic should be replicated instead of quarreling with each other.

In recent days, on some social networking sites about cars, images have been continuously shared about the apology conversation caused by a car crash, which makes many people look back on the traffic culture in Vietnam.

Looking at the conversation, it can be seen that the owners of two cars talk about scratches on the car due to collisions. Accordingly, the person who caused the scratch apologized and wanted to compensate the repair costs, but the owner of the car thanked the other person for the kindness.

From the story of apologizing for a car crash: Need to multiply humanity on the driveway - 1

Before that conversation, many opinions said that this apology and forgiveness represents the culture of communication, the culture of human-to-human communication. Accordingly, many people believe that it is necessary to replicate this humanity in the community.

Nguyen Thuy Anh shared: “There is a great need for kindness and civilization like this, but in reality, there are very few stories like this now!”

Sharing the same opinion, Mr. Tran Dong also said: “This is a very humane job that needs to be replicated and learned.”

Another opinion shared, life for it is simple, it is simple, good people meet kind people, it is easy to ignore and big things become small, small things become nothing… economic. Many times, two words of apology come out of the mouth of a person who is kind and understanding, but in contrast, it is not easy for a person who lacks food.

Before that problem, many people also shared human stories that they encountered on the roads while driving.

Mr. Le Hoang shared: The day before I went and was looking at the Vinh Tuy bridge construction site (Hanoi), I also bumped into a rather heavy Hyundai SantaFe. I stopped the car to apologize and wanted to compensate for the cost, but the owner only talked a few sentences and walked away happily.

From the story of apologizing for a car crash: Need to multiply humanity on the driveway - 3

Ms. Truong Phuong Linh also shared her story: “One day, my family took two young children down to ride a bicycle (in a residential area), a friend carelessly scratched the rear of a car parked next to it. roadside. Looking around the car, I didn’t see the driver leaving a phone number, so I borrowed a pen and paper from a nearby cafe to text a few words with the phone number left on the car. The next day, I received a cute message from the owner of the car.”

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