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One subject has up to 11 textbooks

According to the decision approving the list of 10th grade textbooks used in general education institutions under the new general curriculum approved by the Minister of Education and Training, fine arts books used from the school year 2022-2023 only have books from set Connecting knowledge and life by Vietnam Education Publishing House.

Thus, the spirit of the new general education program is a program of many books, aiming to “break the monopoly”, but currently only Fine Arts books of one publisher.

However, only 10 sets of Fine Arts textbooks Connecting knowledge with life of this Publishing House has 10 books on each topic of Painting; Architecture; Multi-media art design; Theory and history of art; Printed graphics; Sculpture; Fashion Designer; Graphic design; Industrial design; Theater and cinema art design.

In addition, there is also a textbook on the topic of learning Fine Arts 10, also belonging to the series Connecting knowledge and life.

Thus, even though there is only one Fine Arts subject in a set of books, there are 11 titles, becoming the subject with the most textbooks.

In fact, if you follow the Fine Arts program in the new high school program, the titles of these books correspond to the required requirements of the subject.

Looking at the number of books, some comments wondered why only one Fine Arts subject had to be divided into 11 such books.

Meanwhile, 2 subjects Math and Literature, the number of periods is a lot, but only 2-3 books each. Or at the lower secondary level in the new high school curriculum, the 2 subjects of History and Geography can still be combined into one textbook of History and Geography.

New 10th grade curriculum: One subject has up to 11 textbooks - 1

Buy at least 4 books

Exchange with VietNamNetMs. Nguyen Thi Dong, Editor-in-Chief of the Fine Arts program – the new general program said that, according to the design of the new general education program, the 10th grade Fine Arts subject has 10 requirements to be elective among the Physics subjects. art theory and history; Art; Graphics (prints); Sculpture; Industrial design; Graphic design; Fashion Designer; Theatrical and cinematic art design; Multi-media art design; Architecture.

Out of these, students are allowed to choose 4 content to study. Thus, according to Ms. Dong, students will have to buy at least 4 books – corresponding to at least 4 contents to learn.

“The books must be written according to the overall curriculum of the subject, and 10 books or one will be designed by each publisher,” Ms. Dong said.

Ms. Dong said that maybe because the Fine Arts subject has 10 requirements to meet, the Vietnam Education Publishing House designed each content into a book, to facilitate the students.

“Because if the book design includes all the content, even if they only choose 4 contents, they still have to buy the book with 10 contents, which means they still have to pay to buy the unselected content,” Ms. Dong said.

However, Ms. Dong said the specific reason for the design of 10 books or the division of books into contents compared to the combined books is more economical for learners if calculated according to the price of cover, printing, only. Only Vietnam Education Publishing House understands.

Particularly for the Fine Arts Study Topic 10, only in case students choose a topic to practice more skills will they have to buy more.

A course of 11 books, what does the publisher say?

A representative of Vietnam Education Publishing House said that according to the regulations of the new general education program, at the high school level, students in grades 10, 11, 12 can choose 4 contents out of 10 including Reasoning. and art history; Art; Graphics; Sculpture; Industrial design; Fashion Designer; Graphic design; Theatrical and cinematic art design; Multi-media art design; Architecture.

Therefore, Vietnam Education Publishing House compiled 10 fine arts textbooks corresponding to the 10 contents specified in the program. However, students only choose 4 books out of 10 above-mentioned books, depending on the teaching organization conditions of each school.

“The independent compilation of fine arts textbooks to match students’ choices. Compiling these contents into one book would be wasteful because students only choose to study 4/10 of the content of Fine Arts. according to the terms of the program”, representative of this publisher said.

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