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Revealing the real reason why Meghan was “kicked” by Netflix, making her bitter

Meghan Markle is becoming the focus of media attention after the project “Pearl”, an animated film for children, was canceled by online giant Netflix over the weekend. This is the first time that the duchess has been so cruelly stopped by her partner.

Netflix canceled the duchess’ project without providing any further details on the decision. Many news sites reported that because of the declining business situation, Netflix had to find a way to cut costs. However, according to royal biographer Angela Levin, the reason Meghan was dropped from the blockbuster project was because she refused to listen to people’s advice.

Revealing the real reason why Meghan was

Meghan Markle made her partner wait too long.

Speaking on TalkTV, expert Levin said: “You cannot use people for your own purposes. Meghan should have accepted everything after having so much money from her big partner. They are not stupid, all waiting and patience has a limit. They tried to give Meghan a chance but in return they were disappointed.

What we’re seeing is Meghan doesn’t listen to anyone. She knows her challenges and troubles well, but Meghan is delusional that she will overcome them all“.

Archewell Productions, the company founded by the Sussexes, says Meghan will executive produce “Pearl”. The series focuses on the adventures of a 12-year-old girl who is inspired by influential women in history.

Revealing the real reason why Meghan was

Meghan Markle has made her partner lose all patience

The couple signed a million-pound contract with Netflix in 2020. However, after nearly 2 signings, the couple has not yet launched any products to release on Netflix. A few months ago, Netflix was forced to intervene, recruiting staff to help the Sussex family to help them produce the show.

Many experts said that, after this shock, Meghan has certainly learned a lesson for herself. Any business business needs to keep credibility and bring maximum efficiency. The British royal family only helps them have a “fishing rod”, but whether they succeed or not depends on their ability.

Previously, Meghan had published books and introduced the 40 x 40 initiative to help women return to work after the pandemic. However, the results obtained were not as expected.

Recently, an expert said that Meghan has failed consecutively in the US, forcing her to face the painful truth that, without the royal family, the Sussex family is nothing. This world is extremely harsh, if you do not have talent, you will be eliminated.

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