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The beautiful kitchen model in the countryside makes cooking lovers fall in love

Kitchen An integral part of any family. This is not only a place to eat and drink, but also a place for families to gather and rest after a tiring day of work.

Therefore, every household wants to own the most beautiful kitchen model. Currently, the demand for households in daily life and home comfort is high. In addition, a part of people with economic conditions are preferring to move to the countryside to live or build vacation homes for their families. Therefore, the design of kitchen models in the countryside also gradually follows the modern trend, as comfortable as the kitchen models of high-class villas or apartments.

Owning a beautiful kitchen model in the countryside at an economical and reasonable cost is the need of many people. Moreover, the design of the kitchen is also quite important and needs to comply with the same strict regulations as the construction of any high-class apartment.

For the kitchen, the first factor is to ensure a hygienic environment to create a healthy eating space and protect the health of the family. Therefore, you should ask a consultant to find the smartest kitchen design solution.

In the countryside, the biggest advantage is probably the reasonable price, from wood to building materials, and low labor costs. Rural houses have a large space, so kitchen designs can be implemented with a wider variety of designs.

Kitchen design in the countryside with natural wood

Vietnamese people always prioritize choosing natural wood for housing projects because of its durability over time, long-term use, and less fear of damage. However, the price is quite high, so people will choose more affordable wood materials such as oak, oval wood, etc.

The kitchen design in the countryside uses striking wood tones on the white wall background to create simplicity and modernity in the design.

nha bep voi noi that go oc cho rat am cung tien nghi va sach se 91661d089ff54ffc87eb957911006032
Kitchen with walnut furniture, very cozy, comfortable and clean.

The rustic, old-fashioned look is imprinted in the kitchen cabinet design but still exudes a very interesting and rare beauty. Unlike townhouses and villas, homeowners use natural wood mostly because of the classy beauty it brings to the house, affirming the position of the individual.

Kitchen design in the countryside with industrial wood

If the cost is limited, you can choose a kitchen made of industrial wood with cheap industrial wood kitchen cabinets, tables and chairs.

This material has many advantages such as: low cost, readily available materials, easy to buy at low prices, good interior quality, durable for 8-10 years. Fast production and processing of furniture. Fresh and diverse colors for you to choose from. Many families choose industrial wood kitchen furniture painted in natural wood color to create a luxurious beauty.

Fast and flexible transportation and installation. Effective against termites and insects thanks to the adhesive inside the wood. Compared with natural wood, the kitchen design in the countryside with industrial wood has more limitations in terms of beautiful designs with curves and aesthetic carvings. In addition, industrial wood is made from short-term timber trees, which are crushed, compressed and used with adhesives to form industrial wood planks. They have much less strength than natural wood. Laminate has poor water resistance, this is the fastest-damaging disadvantage that manufacturers are also trying to overcome.

In addition, homeowners can base on the style to choose their own kitchen.

bep tan co dien 887d7718b01b477a86aff0d270892d36
Neoclassical kitchen.

bep don gian mang hoi huong kieu nhat d4871eebd7f9474d8717170ec4d6fde3
The kitchen is simple, with a bit of Japanese style.
bep hien dai tre trung dung gam mau tuoi sang 5167f40ea89e4fe9abb88a43fb6c3d59
Modern, youthful kitchen using bright colors.

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