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The giants in the property appropriation case have their sentences reduced

DanangDefendant Pham Thanh, ie Thanh “Dao” was reduced to four years in prison after an appeal was filed and the court considered the mitigating circumstances.

On May 4, the High People’s Court in Da Nang held an appellate hearing for defendant Pham Thanh (55 years old, residing in Thanh Khe district, Da Nang), reducing the prison sentence from 12 years (first instance sentence) to 8 years in prison for the crime. Property expropriation.

According to the Trial Panel, the defendant has not yet appropriated 50 billion VND from the victim, and material damage has not occurred. Thanh has a good character, committed a crime for the first time and has many achievements in the volunteer movement; sick and need regular treatment…

Defendant Pham Thanh.  Photo: Nam Em

Defendant Pham Thanh. Image: Nam Em

At the appeal court, Pham Thanh sincerely confessed and repented. This action is different from the first instance session on November 22, 2021, the defendant repeatedly denied threatening Ms. Dao Thi Nhu Le, asserting not to appropriate 50 billion VND from this person.

According to the indictment, defendant Thanh – a real estate giant in Da Nang, repeatedly lent Ms. Le (residing in Son Tra district) with an interest rate of 5%, totaling 72 billion VND. The relationship between the two broke down on August 8, 2020, when Mr. Thanh called Ms. Le to his home on Hung Vuong Street and beat her and forced her to sign a debt of 122 billion VND.

Currently, Ms. Le is also detained in connection with the case of appropriating the red book at the Land Registration Office of Son Tra District. This is the largest real estate-related default so far in Da Nang, with an amount of VND 1,300 billion.

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