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Those who are “disgusting” with sticky rice, limit their intake to avoid “adding diseases to people”.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022 01:00 AM (GMT+7)

Sticky rice is a dish many people choose as an energy-rich breakfast, but for some people, eating sticky rice will do more harm than good.

People "great cavalry"  with sticky rice, limit eating to avoid " process more diseases on people"  - first

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People who want to lose weight

Those who want to lose weight should not choose this dish in the breakfast menu. Because sticky rice contains a lot of starch, like rice, you can gain weight if you eat a lot.

People with pimples

Eating a lot of sticky rice will make you “hot inside”, prone to acne. Therefore, anyone with a hot body should limit this dish

Pregnant women

According to traditional medicine, glutinous rice has a sweet taste, warms the three meridians of spleen, taste and waste. Glutinous rice in general and sticky rice dishes are often used to treat tuberculosis, diarrhea, cerebral circulatory insufficiency in pregnant women…

However, pregnant women should only eat sticky rice in a moderate amount. Although sticky rice will help pregnant women fight against nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, it has a high starch content. Therefore, pregnant women who eat sticky rice a lot will increase the risk of gestational diabetes.

In addition, sticky rice has plasticity, so it causes indigestion, bloating, and heat in the body, making pregnant women uncomfortable. Therefore, pregnant women should eat sticky rice in moderation, not consider it as a daily dish.

The old, the sick, and the very young

In glutinous rice contains amylopectin which is very difficult to digest. Therefore, the elderly, sick people and very young children should not eat sticky rice in the morning too much.

Fat person

For those who want to lose weight, they should not choose this dish in the breakfast menu because sticky rice is also made from rice grains, and also has a lot of starch like rice. It’s just that sticky rice cooks with less water than rice.

Stomach ache

People with stomach pain should not eat sticky rice, including breakfast. Although green beans and glutinous rice are benign, they produce gas that causes people with stomach upset to increase heartburn and uncomfortable feelings of bloating.

The phenomenon of heartburn and heartburn when eating sticky foods is due to the starch structure of glutinous rice. Unlike plain rice, which has a fibrous starch structure, glutinous rice has a branched starch structure, so the starch is usually firm and difficult to separate, so when eating a lot, you feel full for a long time, indigestion, even many people have the phenomenon. heartburn. Therefore, they are not good for people with stomach pain or gastroesophageal reflux disease.

People with hot body

Sticky rice has quite hot ingredients, so when you eat a lot of sticky rice, it will make you “hot inside” and prone to acne. Therefore, people with hot body should limit this dish.

People who are prone to acne

People who often have acne should not eat sticky rice in the morning, because the body is already hot, eating more acne and heat in the body.

People with rashes, urticaria

People with rashes and hives should not eat sticky rice in the morning because they may have food allergies.

Women giving birth by cesarean section, having incisions when giving birth

Women who have had a caesarean section or have had an incision during childbirth should also absolutely avoid eating sticky rice, because sticky rice is hot, flexible, and easy to cause swelling and festering for the incision.

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