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Three versions expected to attract Vietnamese customers of Toyota Corolla Altis

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Entering the completely new 12th generation, Corolla Altis has been comprehensively upgraded by Toyota Vietnam, moving from domestic assembly to import from Thailand. The image of a carefully and gently upgraded Toyota is no longer there, the C-size sedan is refreshed by the Japanese company inside and out, having a hybrid version for the first time.

In the exterior, rejuvenation is emphasized with Toyota’s new design trend. The lights are more stylish, connected to the logo by a chrome strip, increasing the continuity. The horizontal bar-shaped grille occupies most of the front of the car, like the senior Toyota Camry. The fog lamp socket is stylized, with the aerodynamic bevels of the sports car.

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LED lighting with adjustable projection angle is available on all three versions. LED daytime running lights with stylized J-shaped design. LED taillights are connected on both sides by a chrome bar, emphasizing the width of the rear. The long, wide, and high dimensions of the new Altis are 4,630 x 1,780 x 1,435 mm respectively (only for the hybrid version is 1,435 mm).

Meanwhile, the size of the old version is 4,640 x 1,775 x 1,460 (mm). Thus, the new version is 10 mm shorter, 25 mm lower. The width is almost unchanged. Ground clearance increased from 130 mm to 149 mm for the hybrid version, while the 2 petrol versions decreased to 128 mm.

Two high-end versions are equipped with 17-inch wheels. The standard Altis G has 16-inch rims. Both types have a new spoke design, which is more modern and sporty. Altis’ suspension system has been upgraded from semi-independent to independent, applied in all three versions.

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The upgrades in the new Altis cockpit are almost unchanged from the old generation. From the overall design, technology quality, color scheme… have been comprehensively upgraded. 9-inch touchscreen entertainment screens are available on all three versions, instead of the 7-inch type on the old model.

7-inch TFT driver center screen. Electric power-assisted three-spoke steering wheel, fully integrated with function keys: screen control, entertainment, conversation, cruise control, lane control, automatic distance keeping with the car in front… Three All versions of Altis are equipped with independent two-zone air conditioning. Anti-glare rearview mirror. Two rows of leather seats, 10-way power driver’s seat.

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The new generation Toyota Corolla Altis is developed on the global platform TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture). This is a modular chassis platform, Toyota redesigned the entire powertrain and chassis, with three main goals: flexibility, stability and improved visibility. This platform is considered by the Japanese company to be a revolution, because of its flexibility, variable length, width and height to develop many different models, bringing more excitement to driving, and supporting the driver. Optimal on the road.

On the new generation Altis, this platform helps the car have a lower center of gravity, promising to improve handling and limit the effects of twisting and twisting the body. This is also the premise to help Toyota develop a new independent suspension system for the Corolla Altis.

On Corolla Altis 1.8V and 1.8 HEV, the company is equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense safety package, which includes a series of functions such as: pre-collision warning, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, master cruise control. In the most advanced version, users will have additional tire pressure warning, blind spot warning on the BSM mirror, cross-traffic alert when reversing RCTA and HUD display. information on the windshield.

In the 1.8G standard version, there will be VSC electronic balance, EBD electronic brake force distribution, TRC traction control and HAC horizontal departure support. Electronic handbrake with automatic brake hold mode is available on all three versions.

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The engine is the biggest change on the new generation Corolla Altis. For the first time, Toyota Vietnam sells Altis with a hybrid engine. The 1.8 HEV version uses a 1.8 gasoline engine (codename 2ZR-FXE) with a capacity of 97 horsepower, 142 Nm of pulling power, combined with an electric motor with a capacity of 71 horsepower, a pulling power of 163 Nm. This engine block is being equipped by Toyota on the Corolla Cross 1.8 HV.

This is the type of engine that helps the vehicle operate like a normal car, without requiring a dedicated charging station or plugging in electricity like the EV (Electric Vehicle) line. According to the announcement from Toyota Vietnam, Corolla Altis 1.8 HEV has a mixed fuel consumption of 4.3 liters per 100 km.

In terms of operation, the hybrid engine is strong but still smooth, quiet, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. CO2 emissions are reduced by 1.5 – 2 times compared to vehicles using traditional internal combustion engines. “Because it does not require special infrastructure, this vehicle is suitable for domestic traffic conditions, contributing to mitigating climate change and the environment,” a representative of the company said. “Hybridization is the strategy Toyota is promoting in Vietnam”.

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In addition to the Corolla Altis 1.8 HEV, this company has two lines of hybrid vehicles in Vietnam, the Corolla Cross 1.8 HV and the Camry 2.5 HV. Last year, Toyota Vietnam sold 18,411 Corolla Cross units, the hybrid version accounted for about 12%. The Japanese company’s representative hopes that the next two hybrid sedans will extend the success chain for this strategy.

The engine on the G and V versions remains unchanged from the old generation, type 1.8 but has been tweaked to meet Euro 6 emission standards instead of Euro 4 as before. Vehicle capacity reaches 138 horsepower at 6,400 rpm, maximum torque of 172 Nm at 4,000 rpm. CVT automatic transmission and front-wheel drive on all three versions.

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The starting version Altis 1.8G costs 719 million VND, 1.8V costs 765 million VND. The most advanced Corolla Altis 1.8HEV costs VND 860 million (VAT included). The car is sold with 5 exterior options (red, pearl white, gray, gray and black) and two interior colors beige or black. In which, the pearl white option will add 8 million VND. With the hybrid version, the Corolla Altis is warranted for 5 years (or 150,000 km). The electric battery unit will be warranted for 7 years (or 150,000 km).

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