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Western teachers wear tiny swimsuits to show off their graceful figure 10-Beauty

Wednesday, May 4, 2022 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

Before becoming a university lecturer, she participated in beauty and left a good impression in the hearts of the audience.

Western teacher wears a tiny swimsuit showing off her graceful figure, score 10 - 1

Huynh Thuy Vi shows off her slim body with a sexy 2-piece swimsuit.

Huynh Thuy Vi is known as Miss Can Tho before she joined Miss Vietnam 2016. And currently, the beauty is a lecturer at Tay Do University in Can Tho. Long legs born in 1993 received the admiration of the audience for her pure beauty, femininity and elegant fashion sense.

Compared to other beauties in the same contest she participated in, Thuy Vi’s height is somewhat modest. But in return, she has a beautiful 3-round body of an hourglass 84-60-89 (cm). More specifically, Huynh Thuy Vi’s long and slender legs are always an attractive physical feature that attracts all eyes. She often dresses up with shorts, bodycon skirts, high-cut skirts… showing off her pearly ivory legs.

Western teacher in a tiny swimsuit shows off her graceful figure, score 10 - 3

The female lecturer has long and attractive legs.

Despite having a slim figure, Huynh Thuy Vi is the type of person who likes to exercise. She is often active in many different sports such as swimming, jogging, gym or participating in outdoor events with students… All activities can burn calories at different levels. but it all has the effect of helping the body toned.

One of the sports that Huynh Thuy Vi chooses to practice in moderation is swimming. Swimming is the sport with the ability to burn the most calories, chosen by many people to achieve healthy weight loss goals in a short time.

When the body moves in the water, the resistance of the water will make you lose more strength than when moving on land. From there, the muscle mass is heated, promoting a faster and stronger metabolism.

Having a well-balanced body, Huynh Thuy Vi pays more attention to the movements of tightening her waist. With a busy schedule, movements like squats and planks are basic and easy to do. You can take advantage of exercise 15 minutes/day to feel the change of your body in 1 month.

In terms of nutrition, Huynh Thuy Vi chooses to eat sweet potatoes, potatoes, pumpkin or brown rice… to keep her body full for a long time, rich in nutrients and fiber but low in calories. She limits starches, especially from white rice. Because this food is high in calories and sugar – the cause of skin aging quickly.

She chooses to eat nutritious menus with faster digestion time such as vegetables, tubers, fruits or chicken and fish. When food is digested quickly, the metabolism of energy to meet our operational needs is smooth. Meanwhile, long-digested foods will make the body heavier and more tired.

Finally, Huynh Thuy Vi’s indispensable daily drink is fruit juice. Fruit juices are rich in vitamins to help skin become rosy, brighter and healthier.

Western teachers wear tiny swimsuits to show off their graceful figure, score 10 - 4

Huynh Thuy Vi poses with beautiful Dao Thi Ha.

Western teachers wear tiny swimsuits to show off their graceful figure 10 - 5

She and Miss Do Thi Ha traveled to the West on a boat – the typical cultural beauty of this land.

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