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Whether healthy or tired after the holiday, do these 5 things to “detox” the body, restore energy

During the holidays, we are often “inundated” with food, drinks, late nights, indulging ourselves with sweet, fatty treats (not to mention abandoned exercise habits and messy sleep schedules. messy). But that’s part of the fun and you’re entitled to pamper yourself a little, nothing to regret or worry about. Enjoying the holidays and connecting with loved ones are just as important to a life live Strong Being healthy and happy is no less than maintaining healthy habits.

However, when we return to our daily lives, we may feel uncomfortable, exhausted, tired, or depressed. Here are 5 simple and easy tips to help you recharge and get back to healthy eating and living habits:

1. Eat simple, nutritious foods

Our metabolism and digestion are often overactive during the holidays. They have to perform too many tasks with lavish dinners and snacks, desserts, even wine, beer …

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Eating light, easy-to-digest foods will help your digestive system rebalance after the holiday. (Illustration)

So how can our digestive system rest?

Eat simple, healthy

You don’t have to drink detox juices or fast for several meals. On the contrary, no matter how much you have eaten on vacation, your body still needs to be recharged, but everything needs to be balanced..

It’s important to give your metabolism a chance to rest by eating light, easy-to-digest foods. Porridge, soup, steamed or boiled vegetables, healthy protein sources such as grass-fed animals, legumes, etc. are good choices.

Limit your intake of processed foods to allow your body to recover.

Limit the use of sugar

Ice cream, cakes, fruit juices, sugary drinks… are things we rarely resist in our days of fun and gathering. Unfortunately, sugar can wreak havoc on our guts and overall health, so a break from eating sugar (especially refined sugars such as sweets, soft drinks, and processed foods) is essential to keep it healthy. Intestinal balance returns after a bit of a long break.

If you still crave sweets, try using natural, healthy sweeteners like honey or coconut sugar… (also only in moderation).

Temporarily abstain from alcohol

Just like sugar and processed foods, alcohol is not good for our gut health. It can also affect mood and energy levels quite a bit.

So, after having enjoyed the parties and gatherings, this is the right time to take a break from drinking for a while. This helps the body return to a state of balance.

2. Fill up with enough water

Drinking enough water is always important. Chances are you’ll be a bit dehydrated after long days off and constant gatherings. Coffee, alcohol, spicy foods, and excess sugar can all contribute to dehydration, so drinking extra water is key to helping your body rebalance.

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Drinking ginger lemon water helps the body eliminate toxins after large meals. (Illustration)

Tip: Choose warm drinks like herbal tea or lemon and ginger juice to help boost your metabolism and support the body’s natural process of eliminating toxins. Better yet, drink some bone broth (or vegetable broth) to give your body extra nutrients and electrolytes.

3. Keep moving

During the holidays, even disciplined, long-established workout habits can be affected. This is a time to enjoy family and friends, so you shouldn’t feel guilty or ashamed for skipping exercise.

It is important that you continue to be physically active. However, rebuilding a habit is sometimes not easy, and here are some tips to help you:

The set of things you like

Find a type of exercise or activity that you really enjoy. If you don’t want to go to the gym, you can choose from many other ways: Yoga, dancing, walking, running, zumba dancing… There are many ways to stay healthy and active. Doing activities you love will make you more attached and easier to do.

Regularly do a little bit each day instead of accumulating a day

Exercising too hard can lead to burnout and lack of motivation. The key is to figure out what’s relevant and sustainable.

It is advisable to exercise regularly for short periods of time instead of long bursts of high-intensity interval training. This will help you build a habit that is more consistent, sustainable, and more likely to yield better results.

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It’s easier to get back into the habit of being active when you have a “companion”. (Illustration)

Get everyone to practice together

Having someone to practice with is clearly fun and easier to stay motivated. Two people (or more) can plan to exercise, go for a hike, or do a sport together.

It’s also a great way to spend time and connect with friends, partners, family members or dogs.

4. Prioritize sleep

Our sleep schedule was always a little skewed after the holidays because of the previous days of staying up late, falling asleep, napping more (or less) and not having to wake up early to go to work.

Maintaining a regular sleep schedule can take time, but it’s an important part of overall wellness.

Having a good night’s sleep will help you regenerate energy to continue working, while controlling cravings

It doesn’t matter whether you stay up late or wake up early. Everyone has their own biological clock and is suited to different schedules. Just adjust the schedule to suit your own body and habits and try to sleep at least 7 hours a night and wake up at the same time every day to ensure health.

5. Allow yourself some alone time

The holidays are a great time to connect with the community, family and friends… However, it is also a time when a lot of stress and pressure can arise. , uncomfortable…

So, if you’re feeling exhausted after a vacation, it could be a sign that you need some time to reconnect with yourself, spend time alone, and recharge. This is especially true for people who tend to be more introverted.

You can prioritize activities that help you recharge like going for a walk and listening to a good podcast, reading a favorite book, journaling, meditating, or whatever you want to do for yourself. This is important for overall health and should receive as much attention as diet and exercise habits.

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