Who is the giant Tung Vau who often wears 2kg of jewelry who has just been prosecuted?

Nguyen Xuan Tung (SN 1970, residing in group 13, Phan Thiet ward, Tuyen Quang city), commonly known as Tung “vau”, has been very famous on social media for several years before being prosecuted.

Tuyen Quang Provincial Police recently prosecute Defendant and Restraining Order from Residency to investigate the conduct usury in civil transactions, as provided for in Article 201 of the Penal Code for Nguyen Xuan Tung (also known as Tung “vau”).

Along with the decision to prosecute, the Public Security Bureau of Tuyen Quang Province also announced that those who had borrowed money from Nguyen Xuan Tung with high interest rates should go to Tuyen Quang Provincial Police to report and provide documents and evidences. .

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Nguyen Xuan Tung when being prosecuted

Portrait of giant Tung “vau”

According to information from the press, Tung “vau” is said to be a land giant in Tuyen Quang when he owns up to 2 large dining restaurants (one restaurant on the shore, one restaurant on the river cruise) located in the humid neighborhood. really busy in the city. Tuyen Quang and a taxi company with dozens of vehicles.

According to research, Mr. Tung is the 3rd child in a family of 4 siblings. Life before being rich was also very difficult and hard. Before becoming a giant like now, Tung “Vu” also experienced hard and difficult days.

It was not until the age of 30 that this giant did business in the right time, the new business developed like a kite in the wind.

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Tung “vau” before being prosecuted

In Tuyen Quang City, this giant lives in a spacious 3-storey house with many valuable objects such as antique clocks, Maitreya statue, wooden crates worth 200 million VND.

In addition, Tung “vau” also dabbled in real estate with 15 high-rise villa-style houses spread across Tuyen Quang city.

The press said that Mr. Tung used to be very famous on social media before being prosecuted for his 1-0-2 appearance when hanging out at a large shopping center in Hanoi: wearing a lot of necklaces, rings, yellow frame with a weight of kilograms.

After being photographed by netizens for wearing a lot of yellow jewelry, Tung “vau” shared: “I believe that wearing gold is to bring a lot of luck and prosperity, so I often wear it when I go out. Especially when I go to pagodas, I often wear it. The image you see at the shopping mall, that’s it. after going to the temple”…

This giant even stated: “The amount of gold I wear on my body is not measured in trees, but in pounds.” Accordingly, the total weight of jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, rings… is about 2kg.

Mr. Tung also said that the jewelry is worth about 5 billion VND, but this has not been verified by anyone. The number of jewelry Mr. Tung wears is also difficult to confirm whether it is real gold or just gold colored jewelry.

With wearing such gold-like jewelry, many people think that Tung “Vau” is putting himself in danger, but he insists that he always has 2 bodyguards with him, so he is not afraid.

However, wearing 2kg of jewelry made him many people ask to take a photo with him, so he was very happy, although being stared at by everyone made Tung “puzzle” uncomfortable.

It is not clear what kind of yellow metal Tung “butter” wears and how much luck it brings, but in the end, this giant got stuck in labor.

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