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Zhuge Liang displayed “Unsuccessful” to make the enemy retreat

Three Kingdoms is a heroic anecdote famous for its battles with prominent figures in Chinese history.

When it comes to war, only high-powered martial arts can’t win the world. That’s why talented conspirators like Zhuge Liang, Sima Y… are so respected.

Thirty-six strategic plans were thoroughly applied in big battles, for example the famous Battle of Xich Bich. And “Unsuccessful” is one of the scariest schemes because it challenges the intellect and hits the human psyche.

Zhuge Liang displayed

Regardless of history or the “Three Kingdoms of Expression”, Zhuge Liang is focused on the great cause of Northern punishment Cao Wei.

In the first Northern Battle, Wei Yan proposed to bring 5,000 elite soldiers from Ty Ngo Coc to march quickly to Truong An, thereby capturing Truong An and Dong Quan. As for Zhuge Liang, the army marched across Ty Ngo Coc, then to Truong An and the two armies met at Dong Quan.

However, Zhuge Liang did not agree because this plan contained many risks, once it failed, the business collapsed. In the end, he took slow steps, captured Liangzhou, did not fight quickly and won quickly according to Wei Yan’s plan.

Cao Wei did not have any defense, so he let 3 districts of Lung Ta, Thien Thuy and An Dinh fall into Zhuge Liang’s hands. After that, Sima Y led the army to directly attack Nhai Dinh in the country of Shu. Ma Tac was negligent, so he let Nhai Dinh fall. Sima Yi led troops to attack Tay Thanh.

Zhuge Liang displayed

Facing the great army of Sima Yi, Zhuge Liang had no defense at all, if the enemy entered, he would surely fail.

But a great strategist like Zhuge Liang could not give up, he succeeded in succession, unbelievably leisurely.

Khong Minh, wearing a crane robe, wearing a hat, holding a feathered fan in his hand, led the two children to the citadel tower, calmly playing the piano and singing loudly.

Zhuge Liang let people collect all the flags, and at the same time opened the city gate. He and two children sat on the piano and sang, and asked a soldier pretending to be a civilian to sweep the garbage in front of the big door.

As the enemy army approached, Zhuge Liang remained calm as if nothing had happened. Sima Yi saw this scene and felt that something was not right. The city gate opened as if inviting him to enter, of course this story must have a hidden love. Sima Yi suspected that there was an ambush inside, so he withdrew his troops.

So is Sima Yi really afraid of an ambush?

Zhuge Liang displayed
Zhuge Liang displayed

Sima Yi was not afraid, but understood Zhuge Liang’s suggestion. Sima Yi also seems to have experienced countless wars, understands the human situation and possesses a foresight. He understood, if that time defeated Zhuge Liang in Tay Thanh, he would have no future. Why is that?

Before the Northern punishments occurred, Sima Yi was not used by Cao Wei. Cao Cao was always on guard against Sima Yi, reminding Cao Phi’s son to be careful with this person. Sima Yi could only endure, until Zhuge Liang launched the Northern Punishment, he had a chance to revolt. If Zhuge Liang were to be eliminated soon, it would be considered that the whole world belonged to Cao Cao.

Zhuge Liang sent a sweeper in front of the city gate and wanted to tell Sima Yi one thing: Now that you clean my place, Cao Wei will also wipe you out later.

Only when there was a great danger like Zhuge Liang, Cao Wei still used Sima Yi. That’s why Sima Yi decided to withdraw.

From that, it can be said that in Zhuge Liang’s “Unsuccessful Plan”, there are also high-handed moves of Sima Yi.

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