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10 signs that your kidneys are having problems

The kidneys are a pair of organs located low in the abdomen, one on each side of the spine.

Dr. Ha Manh Hung, Head of the Intensive Care Unit – Artificial Kidney of Quang Ninh General Hospital, said that the main function of this department is to remove toxins – products of metabolism, water. excess in the blood and maintain acid-base balance.

When functioning is impaired, the kidneys cannot do their job adequately. At this time, the body will become overloaded because of toxins and cause disorders such as: Excess fluid, high uremia syndrome, hyperkalemia, blood metabolic acidosis, anemia… leading to fatigue in the patient , difficulty breathing, edema… even life-threatening if not treated promptly.

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Kidney disease Chronic disease is an insidious, protracted, and often slow disease progression

It is worth mentioning that chronic kidney disease is a silent, long and often slow disease process. Patients are often subjective and only go to the doctor when the kidneys are severely damaged or due to acute renal decompensation.

Dr. Ha Manh Hung and BSCKII Le Duy Lac, Thu Duc City Hospital (HCMC), shared 10 signs of kidney failure.

– Fatigue, lack of energy and loss of concentration

Toxins that accumulate in the blood can cause weakness, dizziness, lightheadedness, and loss of concentration. Another complication of kidney failure is anemia which also contributes to fatigue and weakness.

– Difficulty sleeping

Many studies have shown that there is a link between sleep apnea syndrome and chronic kidney disease. Sleep apnea can cause kidney damage in part by preventing the body from getting enough oxygen.

On the other hand, chronic kidney disease causes sleep apnea syndrome by narrowing the airways, accumulating toxins…

– Dry and itchy skin

The kidney’s function of removing waste products and toxins from the blood is impaired, leading to the accumulation of these waste products in the blood, which can cause rashes and itching in the skin.

Over time, the minerals and nutrients in the body are out of balance leading to skin and bone diseases.

– Back pain

Kidney failure can lead to hip pain, just below the ribs (one or both sides), pain can radiate to the front of the pelvis or hip area. Feeling cold all the time.

– Muscle cramps

Leg cramps or other positions are one of the signs of kidney failure. Imbalanced levels of sodium, potassium, calcium, and other electrolytes disrupt muscle and nerve activity.

Kidney-urinary diseases in men can cause dangerous complications, affect health, and can lead to infertility if not treated promptly.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Truong Thanh – Head of Urology Surgery Department of Viet Duc Hospital

– Breath is smelly

When waste accumulates in the blood but cannot be eliminated, it can lead to uremia, which is manifested by bad breath in the mouth.

In addition, high levels of toxic substances in the blood can change the taste of food and leave a metallic taste in the mouth. This also contributes to anorexia and undernutrition in patients with impaired renal function.

– Loss of appetite, feeling nauseous, vomiting

Kidney disease can cause nausea or vomiting and an upset stomach due to uremia. That reduces cravings, which can even cause weight loss on occasion.

– Shortness of breath

Due to anemia, people with chronic kidney disease often have shallow breathing and difficulty breathing.

Another cause is the accumulation of fluid in the body. This can make it difficult to catch your breath or more seriously you may feel like you’re drowning when you want to lie down to rest.

– Phu

When the kidneys cannot remove sodium well, these substances build up in the body. That can lead to swelling of the hands, feet, ankles or face, eyelids and especially in the feet and ankles. Protein leakage in the urine may manifest as puffiness.

– Changes in urinating or urinating

The kidneys are responsible for producing urine and removing waste through the urine. So changes in the frequency of urination, smell, color and changes in urine are also one of the signs of kidney failure.

People with kidney failure may urinate a lot at night, foamy urine, more or less urine than usual and pale or dark urine, bloody urine, feeling full or having difficulty urinating. ..

In addition, a common disease, easy complications and high recurrence rate is kidney stones, accounting for 40% of all urinary stone diseases. BSCKI Nguyen Tuan Dat – Department of Urology, Hospital 108 – said that most urinary stones form in the kidneys, then move along with the urine stream to other locations to form ureteral stones, bladder stones.. .

Kidney stones form silently, there are no signs, but when they manifest, they will cause damage to the urinary tract such as hematuria and infection. Usually, the patient will feel fatigue or pain in the lower back or accompanied by a fever. If the patient is not treated, it will cause complications such as nephritis, hydronephrosis and especially kidney failure.

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