2 foreign girls who charge with their mobile phones are stolen by taxi drivers

The two girls just turned their back to change money, the taxi driver immediately drove away, “carrying wrong” 2 rechargeable phones in the car.

Recently, the TN account shared the story of two foreign girls whose phones were “robbed” unexpectedly in the middle of the old town. Hanoi at 3 am on 5/5.

Specifically, at that time, many people present on Cam Chi Street delivering Hang Bong heard the screams, so they ran out to see two young foreign girls panicking, crying.

Curious to understand what happened, a few people came to ask about it. But due to the shock and language barrier, the two girls could not tell the story.

2 foreign girls who charge with their phones are stolen by the taxi driver-1
One of the 2 foreign girls whose phone was robbed

About 15-20 minutes later, the account holder TN reassured and asked the two girls, they found out that both were Russian tourists and had been in Vietnam for 2 days. Before that, they called a taxi and asked the driver to charge 2 Iphone12 Pro phones for them.

Then, the two women told the driver to wait a few minutes to exchange 100 dollars into Vietnamese dong. But as soon as he turned his back to change money, the taxi driver drove away, “carrying the wrong way” with 2 charging phones.

The two girls panicked and shouted for help, but perhaps because of the language barrier, they both didn’t know what to say.

Based on what the two foreign guests described, TN and his friend went to the hotel lobby, asking for help because all the girls’ personal information and electronic documents were in the lost phone.

By 4:40 am on the same day, the taxi driver had not returned to return the phone to the 2 girls.

2 foreign girls who charge with their phones are stolen by the taxi driver-2
The area where the incident happened

TN’s post quickly became the focus of netizens’ attention. Most are critical driver other taxi and love 2 young girls. Many people left comments hoping that the taxi driver who reads the post will send the phone back to the two girls.

Some comments from netizens:

– There have been many cases of going to prison, but these taxi guys are still greedy.

– Poor friends, hope to find them, they are like me when they go to another place but suffer like this, hope the taxi driver will send them back soon.

– Check the camera of the houses around at that time, that’s it, the taxi guy ran into the eyes, stop worrying about paying people away, it’s too embarrassing.

– What is related to the image of Vietnam in the eyes of tourists, it’s only a matter of time. Hope the taxi driver soon wakes up and is self-aware.

– In that area, many houses have cameras installed at the door, hoping to find that taxi sign soon.

According to Vietnamnet

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