An empty-handed Vietnamese man becomes a boss in the US

In 2014, after graduating from grade 12, instead of choosing to take the university entrance exam like his peers, Le Dang (born in 1996, name in the US is Peter Le Dang, hometown of Dong Nai) turned to study more. English, then he plans to move to the US to set up a career.

Many friends and teachers were surprised by this choice and advised Le Dang to rethink and focus on studying for university exams.

“For me, college is the least thorny path to success, but not studying does not mean you are not successful. I am determined to follow a new direction, following my passion. My passion is doing beauty care.” Le Dang said and shared that goal was set by him since he was still in school. Fortunately, this daring direction of his is supported by his parents and sister.

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Le Dang (born in 1996, name in the US is Peter Le Dang, from Dong Nai).

However, Le Dang encountered the obstacle of English. At first, he spent a lot of time in memorizing and pronouncing communication standards.

Le Dang often locks himself in his room to focus on memorizing and listening to online English lectures.

“Learning English right now is not for exams, no one is supervising, keeping or checking. I always put pressure on myself. I determined this initial difficulty, if I can’t overcome it, I will become a failure, unable to pursue my dream.”a guy originally from Dong Nai shared.

Going through a strict visa and guarantee process, in August 2018, Le Dang flew to the US to pursue her dream of studying in the beauty industry.

Le Dang registered to attend Advance Beauty Vocational School. Here he attends many classes on hairstyling, dermatology, fashion, makeup, nails…

In addition to studying in class, Le Dang takes advantage of his free time in the evening to apply for a part-time job at some stores and beauty care centers to both earn extra income and help him gain more experience. “With the beauty care industry, skills and experience are very important. Therefore, I do not hesitate to challenge myself in many jobs, environments and skills.”

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In 2020, after just receiving a diploma and a practicing certificate in cosmetology and beauty care, Le Dang decided to open her own beauty care center. With the money saved, Le Dang initially realized his dream.

“This money was completely accumulated by me. I don’t want to ask for help from my family because my parents are old and my sister has to raise 2 small children. I also don’t want to be a burden to my loved ones. At that time, I was filled with the spirit of a young person starting a business and believed that I would not fail.” I said.

Allure Studio Bar – is the name Le Dang beauty care center gives to the “brainchild”. The center is located in California, USA with a scale of 10 – 20 beauty spa chairs, expected to serve about 100 – 150 guests/day.

“At the beginning of operation and opening, I faced many difficulties. Because the brand of the center is still young, there are not many echoes and customers. I personally go around distributing leaflets, asking friends and relatives to advertise to attract customers.” Le Dang confided.

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Le Dang’s aesthetic center.

The first three months of opening, Le Dang fell into a deadlock because there were no customers. On the busiest day, only 10 people come to do beauty care services. Expenses are not enough to pay staff rent and business premises.

“That was the time when I was stuck and for the first time I was afraid of failure. There are sleepless nights just to think of a strategy to regain the center. At that time, I lost a few pounds, I did not dare to say for fear of my parents worrying.” Le Dang said.

A young man from Dong Nai province read a lot of documents on marketing and business administration. He also did not hesitate to share and seek advice from his predecessors in the profession. Gradually, Le Dang found a solution to save the center by focusing on promoting the image and improving service quality.

Le Dang focuses on promoting central image advertising in Vietnamese communities in the US, gradually expanding the number of indigenous people. At the same time, he also improved the style of service, reception, customer care more carefully and meticulously, but did not increase the price.

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Le Dang plans to open more beauty centers and some services to serve Vietnamese people.

Thanks to that, after nearly a year of operation, Le Dang’s beauty center gradually became more crowded, and the number of loyal customers increased significantly. Currently, the total revenue of the center is about 35,000 USD/month (about 800 million VND).

In the coming time, Le Dang is expected to continue to open more beauty centers. At the same time, he is also developing a plan to invest in a number of projects on restaurant services with Asian dishes. His goal is mainly to focus on serving Vietnamese and Asian people living and working in California, USA.

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