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Cheaper than buying locally, half the price, all models are under 200k

This is an international stall with more than 214k followers with nearly 5k products. In which, Korean-style shirts account for a large number of 2/3, each model has hundreds of sales and 5-star reviews. Visit Peppermint, you can rest assured to shop comfortably without fear of “wallet pain” because the shop sells super cheap goods, fluctuating under 200k. For example, this stylized long-sleeved V-neck shirt costs only 175k.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – k14 – shopee stall – shirt 1

In the hot summer, she likes to wear short-sleeved shirts, then immediately refer to this ruffled model. It’s both pretty and cool at the same time. Withdrawing 159k wallet, she can buy it right away.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – k14 – shopee stall – shirt 2

Changing the wind with a turtleneck shirt, mixing with long shorts or skirts are all extremely good. This girl has up to 3 colors: blue – white – purple for you to choose.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – k14 – shopee stall – shirt 3

The “legendary” basic shirt has never gone out of fashion. Girls should buy it in their wardrobe, when they don’t know what to wear, just mix it with pants or skirts to have a beautiful outfit right away. This design alone has up to 8 colors for you to freely admire and “pay down”. My price is 188k/piece.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – k14 – shopee stall – shirt 4

I am sure of one thing that, once lost in Peppermint’s booth, she will be “crazy” because there are so many beautiful shirt models on sale, like the 199k plaid model below.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – k14 – shopee stall – shirt 5

Like Peppermint, stall is also a place to sell a series of beautiful Korean-style shirts that “cut the heart”. Ladies, let’s see if this model of a striped shirt with a price of just over 100k is “okelah”, then close the order.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Wide shirt

Those who like the “wolf flower” pattern, buy this model right away for only 135 “branches”.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Patterned shirt

If you’re in love with purple, then this is the shirt just for you!

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – k14 – shopee stall – shirt 6

Suggest a shirt model for the team that is afraid to avoid, “addicted” to green, priced at 155k.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Green shirt

Misssumey sells a lot of cute patterned shirts that pursue a cool, cool personality. So the shop is especially suitable for “playful” girls who like to wear unique shirt patterns like this fine leopard skin shirt model priced at 123k.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Leopard skin shirt

I say, this “legendary” loose shirt will never go out of style. There are up to 4 white – black – light blue – dark blue colors for girls to “swing”. Mix with skirts, pants or wear hidden pants like the model is very beautiful.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Shirt to hide pants

Bored of long-sleeve shirts, there is a short-sleeved shirt suggestion for her, cheap price only 147k with 4 colors and 4 sizes, why not “catch”.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Short-sleeve wide-sleeved shirt

It’s so pretty, but the price is only 150k, if you don’t buy it, you’ll be sorry for yourself. This girl is suitable for summer wear.

[Box ảnh Sticker Link] – Short-sleeve patterned shirt

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