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Common diseases in men in the place of the-Life Health

Thursday, May 5, 2022 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

Men often think that sex shows macho power. But if you are not careful, just a little too much improvisation, an accident that is not worth it and dangerous to health will happen.

We would like to introduce the 3 most common sexual accidents that gynecologists often warn men.

1. Penis fracture

Penile fracture according to male specialist is called cavernous rupture. When broken, after a “crack” sound, the patient felt a sharp pain, then the penis was soft and collapsed, collapsing to one side. Penile fracture is a form of penile trauma caused by the rupture of the white fascia surrounding the cavernous body and occurs only when they are in an erect state.

Common male diseases in the bedroom - 1

Penile fracture according to male specialist is called cavernous rupture.

When broken, the penis is deformed, swollen, and discolored. At first it was red, then it turned purple, and finally it was purple and black like a bougainvillea. Patients with broken flaps need to be treated promptly.

Each penis is composed of a cavernous body consisting of two tubes which are hollow, fibrous capsules. When the penis is erect, blood is pumped into these two tubes. Penile fracture is the tearing of the white capsule of the cavernous body, causing blood to flow out of the penis, spreading to the scrotum and groin, making the penis soft, swollen and purple, causing pain for the patient.

Causes of penile fracture:

– Having sex, unhealthy, wrong position.

– The penis slips out and hits the perineum or pubic bone, causing sudden curvature and tearing of the white scale of the cavernous body.

– Strong masturbation

Bending yourself, playing contact sports, being kicked directly to the penis as well as many other types of trauma while the penis is erect are also causes of penile fracture.

2. Upper majesty

Thuong ma feng is a sudden death in sexual activity when yang is lost due to excessive secretion of semen, causing cold limbs, profuse sweating, coma, unconsciousness… In men world called “escape yang”.

Epilepsy often occurs in people with poor health, weak physical condition, nervous tension, too much sex, leading to kidney qi loss and continuous secretion of semen.

The common clinical manifestation of this syndrome is that after intercourse, a man has an orgasm or after ejaculation, a state of unconsciousness, sweating, cold body, convulsions of limbs, and body suddenly become weak. , pale face, rapid shallow breathing, weak pulse, continuous semen outflow until exhaustion. If the patient’s emergency is not timely, it leads to cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest.

In most cases, the patient will wake up on his own, without doing anything and leaving no sequelae. However, there are a few serious cases (actually stroke or leprosy due to cerebral hemorrhage), which are difficult to recover, easy to die; often appear in people with cardiovascular disease, cerebral circulatory disorders, the body is too exhausted …

3. Penile ligament rupture

The penile ligament, also known as the brake cord, is the skin attached to the underside of the glans, close to the urinary opening. The brake strap acts to prevent the foreskin from sliding too high up the shaft of the penis. When the penis is erect, this piece of skin stretches.

Common male diseases in the bedroom - 2

People with foreskin stenosis often have a short brake cord, but there are still cases where the foreskin is still short.

Ligaments can be torn from being overstretched. This only happens when the penis is erect, during intercourse, or during masturbation. When the ligament is broken, it will cause the penis to collapse quickly due to psychological inhibition. In the case if the mucosa is only slightly torn, there may be little bleeding and will leave a small scar that makes the owner feel uncomfortable during intercourse. If the tear is deep and the artery of the ligament is torn, the victim will lose a lot of blood and need to be stitched in the hospital.

Although the surgery is simple, it requires subtlety, because if it is not sutured properly, it can shorten the brake wire, and have a fibrous lump that makes it easy to tear again. The accident of breaking the brake wire causes men to have mild erectile dysfunction due to pain during erection and re-tear, and at the same time, men’s psychology when having sex will be uncomfortable, reduce quality and difficult to climax.

People with foreskin stenosis often have a short brake cord, but there are still cases where the foreskin is still short. People who have a short brake line when the penis is erect will easily break, this can happen at any time of intercourse, not necessarily the first time.

Can room accidents be avoided?

– To avoid unnecessary accidents in the hotel, please note:

– Do not have excessive sex. When in battle, you need to follow the procedure, don’t change your position suddenly

– Do not have sex in a dangerous position, strange. When the penis is erect, do not work too hard.

– Limit masturbation.

– Should have a faithful relationship, one husband and one wife.

– Sex should only be when there is a healthy spirit and health, the frequency of intercourse according to the health of the couple.

– Practice sports and eat well.

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