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Experts say Amber Heard lost 11 kg because of Johnny Depp

According to witnesses, Amber Heard was repeatedly sexually assaulted by Johnny Depp. The American actor was also jealous, causing the actress to have a psychological disorder.

During the hearing on May 4, Dr. Dawn Hughes – a forensic psychologist, specializing in domestic violence – affirmed that Amber Heard suffered a lot because of the abuse. Johnny Depp violence, including the loss of 11 kg.

Amber Heard’s witnesses testified in court that the actress took more drugs, had more panic attacks and outbursts after marrying Johnny Depp. She called Johnny Depp’s drug use and domestic violence “very, very damaging”.

“When alcohol and drugs combine, Amber Heard is at greater risk of injury.”Hughes said.

Experts say Amber Heard lost 11 kg because of Johnny Depp-1
Johnny Depp’s reaction to witness testimony. Photo: AP.

According to Dawn Hughes’ analysis, even if Heard insulted and hit Depp, it was not strong enough to change the balance of power and control.

Witnesses also said that reading offensive articles made Heard’s PTSD worse and had many nightmares and insomnia. “Women are always afraid that no one will trust them. When someone calls them a liar, it hurts them more.”she confirmed.

According to Daily MailAmber Heard many times almost cried when hearing the testimony of Dawn Hughes.

Dawn Hughes was the first witness Amber Heard invited to testify. In court, the psychology doctor described many rough sexual acts.

“When drunk or in high spirits, Mr. Depp threw his ex-wife on the bed, ripped off Heard’s nightgown and tried to have sex with her. This nightmare often comes after Depp takes drugs.”Hughes said in court.

Experts say Amber Heard lost 11 kg because of Johnny Depp-2
Amber Heard discussed with a lawyer in court. Photo: EPA.

The doctor also testified that Amber Heard endured physical violence, including being pushed, pushed against a wall, and kicked in the back by Depp. The actress was “bruised”, “the private area has scratches”.

Amber Heard At the same time, she said she lost consciousness twice after getting into a fight with Depp in Australia in December 2015. Depp didn’t want Heard to act out of jealousy.

“Depp tried to control everything about Heard, from his clothes to his relationships. Heard was subjected to a series of allegations of adultery. That cost her the role due to psychological effects.”she confirmed.

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