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Group of people who need to limit drinking water

Water is especially necessary for life and occupies a large amount in the body. Drinking right and enough water every day will help your body reduce fatigue, clear your mind, reduce constipation, prevent urinary tract stones, improve blood flow, moisturize the skin, help smooth skin …

Experts recommend that each person should drink 2 liters of water per day. However, how much water to drink should depend on the weight and age of each person.

Accordingly, people of different weight need to add different amounts of water, children and adults also have different amounts of water to provide each day.

According to TS.BS Nguyen Trong Hung, Head of Adult Nutrition Examination and Consulting Department (National Institute of Nutrition), adults from 18 to under 50 years of age, without medical conditions, are recommended to drink 40ml of water/kg weight/day.

Accordingly, people weighing 40kg are recommended to drink about 4×40 ie 1.6 liters of water/day. People weighing about 50kg will drink 5×40 equivalent to 2 liters of water / day.

“So, depending on our weight and age, we should drink different amounts of water,” said Dr. BS Hung.

Elderly people will drink less water, about 35ml/kg/day. In the elderly, the drinking level will decrease to 30ml/kg/day. Dr.BS Hung explained, as we age, the metabolic ability of the heart, liver, etc. organs decreases, so the need for water will decrease.

In addition, some diseases also limit drinking a lot of water. The group of subjects that limit water intake includes people with kidney and cardiovascular disease. They need to limit the amount of water in their body to reduce pressure on the organs.

Specifically with the kidneys, the kidneys play an important role in detoxification. Some waste products need to be processed by the kidneys to be excreted in the form of urine. Therefore, doctors often suggest that healthy people drink a lot of water to reduce the risk of kidney stone formation.

However, for people with weak kidneys, this solution is not suitable. Because kidney function declines, metabolic ability is also lower. Drinking a lot of water in a short time will increase the burden on the kidneys and make the situation worse.

Similarly, if a person has heart disease, too much water intake will increase pressure on the lungs, causing difficulty breathing. In severe cases, the person can suffocate or have heart failure, which is life-threatening.

If you are suffering from diseases such as cirrhosis, liver cirrhosis, you also need to control the amount of water you drink each day. When you drink too much water, it will cause the abdomen to accumulate a lot of fluid, causing fluid circulation disorder.

Thus, TS.BS Nguyen Trong Hung recommends, in the case of the above diseases, we need to follow the recommendations of a specialist to add the most reasonable water.

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