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Launching MobiFone Smart Sales

For every business, customers are not only a “life source” but also a factor that helps businesses compete with heavyweights in the market. Therefore, business, sales and customer care are indispensable tasks to maintain the existence of the business.

In addition, with the Government’s policy of promoting the “Digital Transformation” process, solutions to technology is always a guideline for businesses to move towards a developed country.

Grasping that trend, after a period of research and development, from April 2022, MobiFone officially launched the MobiFone Smart Sales product suite – Sales management solution 4.0 to help businesses do business. become easy, efficient and economical.

Bringing benefits to businesses in terms of sales and customer service

Launching MobiFone Smart Sales - a suite of business administration solutions in the 4.0 era - 1

MobiFone Smart Sales solution is a set of products aimed at digitizing and automating sales and customer care activities of enterprises through optional features serving Marketing, Sales, and Care operations. customers according to the needs of each unit, thereby completing a closed sales journey for businesses in the most optimal way.

Currently, many Vietnamese businesses are more or less aware of the role of sales and after-sales customer care as well as the application of digital technologies in production and business activities, especially in the context of COVID-19 pandemic is still complicated. The great benefits of this work include:

Strengthen the position of the business in the market

Customers 4.0 often appreciate customer service more than product quality. Therefore, when receiving a positive experience, customers will be more impressed with the business. From there, their shopping habits will be directed at you before thinking of other brands. This helps your business build a certain position in the market.

Reduce cost burden

Instead of spending a lot of money to find new users, you just need to take care of your customers effectively to be able to “retain” a certain number of users. You don’t need to pay for expensive media and advertising campaigns to find new customers. Existing users are the “fertile ground” to help you exploit and earn more revenue.

Increase brand awareness

Effective customer care is a premise for businesses to reach out to customers market without spending too much. Good services will leave a deep impression on the business in the eyes of customers. They can share and introduce your products/services to friends and relatives. As a result, the reputation of your business will be spread strongly, and brand awareness will also increase rapidly.

Launching MobiFone Smart Sales - a suite of business administration solutions in the 4.0 era - 2

Special product set with many outstanding solutions

MobiFone Smart Sales is a total solution that integrates all necessary applications for business sales on a single platform.

The product suite has three main solutions: The first solution is Marketing Communications, with intelligent marketing solutions, configuring and operating multi-channel campaigns according to demand such as Customer Management, Omni-channel Marketing, Automation marketing and Web-to-lead Forms.

The second solution is Sales with multi-channel, multi-channel sales and management solutions that support closed operating processes such as Sales Management, Opportunity Management, Contract Management and Sales. multichannel. The third solution is Customer Support, with intelligent solutions in management, support, and the best after-sales service for customers such as multi-channel customer care, AI Chatbot, Knowledge Library and Self care.

More specifically, understanding and sharing with businesses’ difficulties, MobiFone allows customers to choose and pay for features that suit their needs instead of having to buy combos or the whole product. This helps businesses save operating costs while still solving the right problems.

Always put the interests of the customer first

From April 2022, MobiFone Smart Sales was officially launched on the market to provide a comprehensive set of products to digitize the marketing, sales and customer care processes of Vietnamese businesses. Through the research and development process, MobiFone is confident that it will meet the needs of the most demanding customers with outstanding advantages:

  • Improve productivity: With a full-featured set of tools from sales support, marketing to customer care integrated in one solution
  • Cost optimization: With the most competitive cost in the market compared to similar products and preferential prices of telecommunications operators for SMS Marketing and Call center modules, MobiFone Smart Office helps businesses. Maximize cost savings while still bringing high operating efficiency
  • Latest technology: The solution is always updated with the most advanced technologies to improve operational efficiency, for the benefit of customers.
  • Unlimited expansion: Easily expand users according to needs and connect to existing systems to optimize business digital transformation processes

To learn more about MobiFone’s Sales Administration product suite, please visit the website: or call center: 0936.110.116.

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