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Nadal does “magic” to make the opponent ignore, the ball goes out and then falls on the court

(Sports news, tennis news) Rafael Nadal’s cut sends the ball away with a trajectory that makes the opponent unpredictable.


Back after a rib injury in Rafael Nadal question mark, but a somewhat easy victory over Miomir Kecmanovic (Serbia) in the second round of the Madrid Open shows that “Gaur” is still very effective.

Nadal does "magic"  cause the opponent to ignore, the ball goes out and falls into the field - 1

Nadal has a ball like doing “magic” at Madrid Open 2022

Rafa’s sprints, forehand, backhand… are still very solid and stable, especially his cutting phases. Nadal has a very large spin, so it creates an unpredictable flight trajectory.

One of Rafa’s best moves in the Madrid Open second round came in game 7, set 2. After receiving a very heavy left-hand push towards the end of the field, “Gaur” tried to open up the pace and then touched the ball with one shot. cut. Everyone thought this touch brought the ball out, in fact the ball flew out of the court, but the huge spin caused the ball to spin back to the field.

Rafa’s “magic” playing situation surprised Kecmanovic, the Serbian player could only simply put the ball on the opponent’s court, and created conditions for Nadal to easily win points in this situation.

Today 5/5, Rafa entered the Madrid Open 3rd round match against David Goffin (Belgium, about 5pm, 5/5).

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