Out of virtual currency, virtual shoes, now even “virtual coffee” issued by Starbucks

Out of virtual money, virtual shoes, now even virtual coffee released by Starbucks - Photo 1.

In an announcement posted on the evening of May 4, Starbucks said it was preparing to launch a series of NFT collections, marking the coffee chain’s first foray into Web3. This information was revealed by the company’s CEO in early April.

Starbucks claims its NFT will “deliver a unique experience, grow the community, and increase customer engagement”, while complementing its app-based digital platform. Along with this NFT are special benefits for holders, forming a digital community for future initiatives of the company.

In addition, Starbucks also wants to build a “Starbucks Digital Community on Web3”, referring to the adoption of blockchain technology into the rewards program, online ordering and mobile payment.

Starbucks is currently the second most used payment application in the US with more than 30 million users, just behind Apple Pay.

The notice reads:

“Our approach to blockchain technology, whether single-blockchain or multi-chain, will certainly be based on platforms and infrastructures that promote environmental work like a commitment that spans decades. our century.”

It is still unclear which blockchain will be chosen by Starbucks to release the NFT, or when exactly the coffee chain will launch its collection.

In the past time, many names in the world have also introduced their NFTs, such as NIKE, Liverpool FC, DC Comics, etc., while big names like Barcelona or Instagram have hinted at similar intentions.

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