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Real Madrid 3-1 Man City result: Ancelotti in tears

Coach Carlo Ancelotti could not hold back tears of emotion when talking about Real Madrid’s unprecedented comeback against Man City.

Substitute striker Rodrygo Goes scored a superb brace in the 90th and 91st minutes to bring the game back to the starting line with a total score of 5-5.

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Real Madrid reached the final after 120 minutes of suffocation

In extra time, Benzema earned himself a penalty and accurately finished to bring a spectacular victory for the Royal team, even though there was a time when it seemed that the final ticket was in the hands of Man City.

This is another great revival from Los Blancos, as they did the same thing, coming back from the dead against Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea in the knockout stages.

Coach Ancelotti, who was calm with a gentlemanly look, could not hide his tears of joy in the post-match interview.

Speaking on BT Sport, Carletto choked up saying: “Can’t believe we’re used to comebacks like this in the Champions League, when it happened against PSG and Chelsea.

It’s really hard to explain why the game happened like that. Perhaps the heroic history of Real Madrid helps us to stand up in a time when we thought we were going to fall.

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Coach Ancelotti is happy after the game

The miracle appeared at the Bernabeu when the epic match was nearing the end. We try to find the last reserve of energy before a very strong opponent.

Psychologically, Real players are more relaxed and excited in extra time. Man City controlled the game but in the decisive moment we took advantage of the opportunity.

Meet Liverpool in the final? It’s a tough challenge. I feel happy to be playing against another big team. We are also used to this. It’s going to be a great game in Paris.”

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