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Rescue of sheep stuck on the roof in England

It’s not uncommon for a cat to get stuck on a treetop, but a flock of sheep stuck on a roof is quite rare.

Rescue sheep stuck on the roof in England - Photo 1.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service shared photos and posts on social media that revealed that technical rescuers had to rescue five sheep trapped on the roof.

Locals in the village of Newmillerdam near Wakefield said five sheep jumped over the gap from the field, but it’s unclear how they managed to climb onto the roof and get stuck.

“This was an interesting rescue. The sheep climbed onto a roof after they had wandered from a nearby field. The sheep’s squealing behavior was not counting bricks on a tiled roof, but rather cry for help, cry for hope”said a representative of the West Yorkshire Rescue Service.

Eyewitnesses at the scene said they were surprised. Rescuers had to make a makeshift bridge for the sheep to descend.

Rescue sheep stuck on the roof in England - Photo 3.

No one knows how the sheep can climb to such a high roof

Many people will be surprised to know that sheep can jump on such high roofs, while experts explain that sheep are inherently animals that cannot jump high, on average they can jump about 1 meter.

Despite their small appearance and short legs, sheep are agile animals. They can jump up to 2 meters high.

A similar rescue was carried out in Bridgend in 2011 after a sheep jumped on its own in a garage then climbed onto the roof of a row of terraced houses in the Welsh town.

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