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Revealed iPad keyboard activates macOS-like interface

Apple’s patent describes a removable iPad keyboard that, when attached to the machine, will provide an interface similar to macOS.

Rumors about Apple’s plans to develop a MacBook and iPad hybrid device have been around for a long time. Recently, the US Department of Intellectual Property and Trade has just granted a patent for new product produced by Apple. According to Patenly Applethe copyright has just been approved related to the iPad keyboard model with the ability to bring interface macOS on this tablet.

Revealing the iPad keyboard to activate the macOS-like interface - Photo 1

New iPad keyboard patent revealed

patently apple

Description in copyright shows keyboard will be flexible, allowing users to pair to iPad in different modes. The most noticeable point is the change in the user interface, instead of the default iPadOS, the device will activate the macOS interface after being attached to the iPad.

In addition, the articulation part of the new iPad keyboard also supports Apple Pencil through a magnetic suction connection. The source also said that this area will support many different accessories such as cameras, projectors, microphones… The accessory structure includes the base plate assembly (containing the keyboard, trackpad) and the articulating part.

Recent years, Apple pushed to support the ability to work on the iPad with the hope of taking the device beyond the limits of the tablet. However, iPadOS (an operating system similar to iOS but for iPad) still lacks too many features to be or compare with a computer. Maybe in the fall of this year, the release of iPadOS 16 will bring innovation and may be related to the appearance of the keyboard model that has just been registered.

Currently on the market Apple sells iPad keyboards with built-in protective cases. This device brings a lot of new experiences to the “Apple defect” tablet model, adding a trackpad, a high-quality keyboard, but it still doesn’t seem to satisfy users.

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