School investigates male student harassment of aespa members

aespa performed at Kyungbock High School on May 2. There they were jostled by male students and tried to touch their bodies.

On May 4, the paper Sports Chosun reported that Kyungbock High School has found a male student who posted sensitive comments, harassing the group aespa. This male student admitted his mistake. School leaders said they are continuing to investigate to find out who harassed the 4-member group.

We found a student posting inappropriate comments about aespa. The student admits the mistake. We are continuing to investigate the matter. If violations are found, disciplinary action, even suspension will be applied according to the school’s regulations“, the school leader said.

In addition to the male student mentioned above, the high school found another person who posted a negative post about aespa on social media. However, this person has graduated so he cannot take disciplinary actions at the school level.

School investigates male student harassment of aespa-1 members
aespa was harassed while performing at school.

After the incident, the Seoul Education Office plans to check whether sex education activities in the school are carried out according to the correct procedures. Earlier, the Seoul Office of Education received a report on the results of the investigation sexual harassment at high school.

On April 2, a controversy broke out in the online community when girl group members were harassed. When he went to Kyungbock High School to perform, the aespa was unprotected. Many male students tried to touch the 4 female singers when they finished the performance and left. After that, many accounts that are believed to be students of Kyungbock school sold videos of aespa with sensitive comments.

When the controversy broke out, Kyungbock High School posted an apology on its official website. “Following media coverage, we conducted an investigation within the school campus and the students. We discovered several non-Gyeongbok students arriving at the event venue. But For safety’s sake, they are not allowed in,” the school announced.

“We have worked hard to maintain order, but some students are not mature enough. We will try to prevent similar situations from happening again at the same time and educate students to be sex-sensitive.” Kyungbock High School leader said.

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