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Thanks to “Saint Muay” Buakaw, Thailand wants to “boss” Kickboxing at SEA Games 31

(Sports news, SEA Games news) Under the guidance of world Muay legend Buakaw Banchamek, the Thai Kickboxing team aims to dominate the upcoming 31st SEA Games arena.

Accordingly, as a member of the Thai Kickboxing Association, world Muay legend Buakaw Banchamek has received the task of managing this country’s Kickboxing team consisting of 2 coaches, 1 expert, 7 male athletes, and 5 female athletes. fight at SEA Games 31 come here. This is the second time Kickboxing has been contested at the congress sport region, after its debut in the Philippines in 2019.

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Legend Buakaw holds Thailand’s Kickboxing team at SEA Games 31

At the previous congress, Kickboxing Thailand won only 2 silver medals in Kick Light content, ranked 6th out of 7 participating teams. However, at this SEA Games, under the leadership of Buakaw Banchamek and a force of talented boxers, Thai Kickboxing does not hide its ambition to dominate Kickboxing Southeast Asia.

It is known that the Kickboxing team of the Golden Temple country is currently gathering many very strong boxers who have won the world Muay championship belt. These players are trained under a special regime at “Buakaw Village” personally supervised and guided by Buakaw Banchamek.

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Thai players receive special training from Buakaw

At SEA Games 31, Kickboxing will compete from May 6-11 at the multi-purpose gymnasium in Bac Ninh city with two contents: Full Contact and Low Kick in 12 weight classes (6 men, 6 women). The Vietnam Kickboxing team aims to win at least 4 gold medals at this congress.

In terms of force, the host Kickboxing team has 12 athletes. The three defending SEA Games champions, Huynh Van Tuan, Nguyen Xuan Phuong, and Nguyen Thi Hang Nga are the most expected names.

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Boxer Huynh Van Tuan is one of the most anticipated names of Vietnam’s Kickboxing team

However, the above goal of Kickboxing VN is expected to face many difficulties. After the International Kickboxing Association (WAKO) was recognized as a member of the International Olympic Committee, this martial art is facing the opportunity to appear at major continental and Olympic sports events.

Therefore, many countries in Southeast Asia have invested heavily in this sport. Therefore, in addition to Thailand, Kickboxing Vietnam will have to be wary of other countries in the region that are also having strong investments such as the Philippines, Malaysia or Indonesia.

According to Le Phong (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)

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