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The fruit not only makes a cool dish, but also helps women to increase their “roundness”, push the gas

Healer Bui Hong Minh

When the weather begins to turn to summer, it is also the time when melons are in season and appear a lot on family rice trays. Not only processed separately, melon is often cooked with a number of other vegetables such as jute vegetables, coriander, spinach … to increase the flavor of the dish.

However, few people know that melon fruit is not only a cool dish, but it is also a medicine in traditional medicine, which, if used properly, will support good health, especially for women.

Colonel, physician Bui Hong Minh (Eastern Medicine Association of Ba Dinh district, Hanoi) said that melon has many names depending on different regions, such as ty qua, Thien ty qua, tonic ty, ti Lac … In medicine Traditionally, melon has a sweet taste, is neutral, non-toxic, can be used as a regular dish, and supports health promotion.

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Melon is often cooked in combination with some other vegetables to increase the taste and nutritional value of the dish. Illustration.

Herbalist Minh said that usually in food processing, people often combine cooking melon with some other vegetables, this is essentially to increase the taste of the dish, to support each other to absorb the best quality. nutrition. In fact, melon can still be cooked individually such as boiled or fried and is a very valuable dish, without affecting health.

In modern medicine, the melon has a lot of water, has nutrients such as protid, lipid, glucid, cellulose, calcium, phosphorus, iron, beta-carotene and vitamins such as B1, B6, B2, C…

With the above nutritional values, regular melon will be very good for women, especially postpartum women, with bad blood. Accordingly, after giving birth, using young melon carefully stewed with pig’s feet will help milk come back more, blood circulation better. There is also mucus in the melon, slightly viscous to the touch, this substance works very well for women with joint pain and bad blood.

Herbalist Hong Minh further revealed that eating melon regularly is also good for women who want to increase their bust size, thanks to a lot of calcium and natural protein. “Some documents have recorded that in Japan, they use melon as a cheap natural cosmetic, but have very good uses in beauty and anti-aging,” Minh shared.

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Melon fruit is not only a cool summer food, but also supports health promotion very well.

In particular, if combined with some other foods such as cooking chicken soup, stir-frying peanuts, cooking lotus seeds, it will help support men with physiological weakness, because this dish has the effect of tonic kidney and yang.

Some reference remedies from melon advised by physician Bui Hong Minh:

– Menstrual regulation: Dry melon 1 fruit to burn whole, then powder, drink every day 10g in the early morning, when still hungry will have the effect of regulating menstruation.

– Treatment of epilepsy: Remove seeds from loofah, burn the remaining properties to pulverize mixed with white dove’s blood, then dry and powder. Drink 8g per day mixed with alcohol on an empty stomach.

– Treatment of blood pressure: 300g fresh melon, 200g apple, 50g lemon, just enough alum sugar for each person. Melon and apple peeled, washed, chopped and pressed to get water, mixed with lemon juice, rock sugar, used as a beverage of the day. Doing it continuously for 10 days is enough for a course to help stabilize blood pressure.

– Measles treatment: Loofah, honeysuckle, marjoram, betel nut, licorice, take the decoction twice a day until the measles is gone.

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