The groom looks at his parents-in-law and then bursts out laughing, startling everyone

As it turned out, the son-in-law laughed at the tea offering for his parents-in-law for a reason.

There are stories that happen in wedding make people laugh, remember forever. In the past, it was not uncommon for girls to get married too early. Sometimes, because of family circumstances, they have to get on the bus at an age when they should still have to go to school.

Recently, a clip recorded the image of a groom kneeling to offer tea to his wife’s parents. It is known that this is a custom in traditional Chinese weddings.

The son-in-law knelt down to the glass of tea and laughed loudly, he was shocked to know his mother-in-law's age!-1
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When he knelt down to offer tea and was accepted by his mother-in-law, the son-in-law called out loudly: “Mom”, then burst out laughing and looked extremely confused. The mother-in-law couldn’t help but laugh even though it was her daughter’s big day with her son-in-law.

It is known that the incident happened in a village in Shandong (China). The reason why people laugh like that is because the mother-in-law is only 32 years old, not much difference in age with her son-in-law.

In the past, because the family was too poor, the bride’s mother got married very early to pay for the school fees for her younger brothers. The father-in-law sitting next to him looks 40. Anyway, there are certain differences with the young wife.

I don’t know how old he is now. However, the age difference between him and his mother-in-law is not much. Many netizens think that it is possible that the son-in-law is older than the mother-in-law, so it creates a scene where everyone laughs at the tea offering.

Under the comments section, many opinions around the tea ceremony on the wedding day were given. Some people think that they are unmarried in their 30s, but others are about to have grandchildren.

Sometimes, there is a funny moment in the wedding as well. However, to “swing the trend” according to this mother-in-law, few people can do it.

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