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The identity of the deputy head of the Song Bang ward police station “slapped the cheeks” of women

Cao Bang Provincial Police on May 5 said that the identity of Deputy Chief of Police of Song Bang ward rushing into a barber shop and slapping women is Mr. Dang Dinh Doan.

According to the report, kAt 10:30 p.m. on April 28, Mr. Doan was on duty at the Song Bang Police Department, City. Cao Bang, Cao Bang province, received a phone call from Mr. Nguyen Van Manh, a doctor at 103 Cao Bang Hospital in group 11 of Song Bang ward. Manh said that a man named Nam worked at the barber shop My Hair Salon (Group 1, De Tham Ward) Calling, texting insulting, threatening and asking the ward police for help.

Due to an existing relationship With Mr. Manh, Mr. Doan directed a ward police officer to take a private car to 103 Cao Bang Hospital to pick up Mr. Manh to the barber shop to deal with the case. On the way, Mr. Doan called the De Tham ward police station to send a team to coordinate the handling.

The identity of the deputy head of CAP slaps a woman on the cheek, in the middle of the night the doctor sent the police to solve the case?  - Photo 1.

The camera recorded the image of the deputy head of the ward police “slapping the face” of the woman (Photo cut from the clip)

At this time, in front of the barber shop, there were 6 people including 4 men and 2 women. Mr. Doan asked Mr. Nam to go to De Tham ward police station to solve it, but failed. There was an argument between the two sides. clash. Due to anger at the attitude and insulting words of some people in the group, Deputy Chief of the Song Bang Ward Police slapped Ms. TMK and Mr. Nam.

Right after that, the working group of De Tham ward police promptly intervened and made a record of the incident. On the morning of April 29, the police of De Tham ward invited both sides to the headquarters to work, agreed to reconcile and did not propose to handle anything.

The Standing Board of the Party Committee, the leader of the Cao Bang Provincial Police, assessed that during the handling of the case, Mr. Dang Dinh Doan had some violations of the working process and code of conduct of the police force. lack of restraint and acts infringing upon the health of others. Although there were no injuries and no denunciations, it seriously affected the honor and reputation of the police force and needed to be handled seriously.

The Standing Board of the Party Committee and leaders of the Provincial Public Security asked the leaders of the City Police to verify and clarify a number of contents, and at the same time carry out the process of reviewing and disciplining Mr. Doan. help-do-20220505092541718.chn

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