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The man in Can Tho almost died from a small wound in the abdomen

Male patient HVB (35 years old, from Can Tho City) working in Phu Quoc City (Kien Giang) was taken to Can Tho Central General Hospital for emergency on May 2, with a long wound. about 0.2×0.5cm above the belly.

The day before, Mr. B. used a hedge lawn mower to cut the barbed wire. The zinc wire was pierced through the abdomen of Mr. B.

Seeing that the wound was light, not serious, with little bleeding, Mr. B. did not go to the doctor. About 12 hours later, the patient was tired, had difficulty breathing, had chest pain…

doan kim loai dai 4x04cm duoc lay ra tu vet thuong trong tim benh nhan a450a0f98a4049aba373b5247380a08b
A piece of metal 4×0.4cm long was removed from a wound in the patient’s heart.

The results of the tests showed that there was a foreign body lying along the posterior wall of the left ventricle, through the heart chamber. The doctor ordered emergency surgery for the patient, discovered that there was thin blood, blood clots in the pericardium.

Through investigation, the doctor found that the diaphragm had a small wound that was closed, the posterior wall of the left ventricle was bruised about 3x3cm. There is a small wound on the wall of the myocardium, the surface of the posterior wall of the left ventricle has a foreign body.

The doctor proceeded to pick up the foreign body, which was a metal piece 4×0.4cm long, when blood spewed out into a jet. The doctors sutured the wound, stopped bleeding, pumped the pericardial cavity, closed the pericardium…

After surgery, the patient was awake, breathing on his own, vital signs were stable, the incision was dry.

bac si tham kham cho benh nhan b 4c1eb6d3164b4f1082caf1644c854263
Doctor examines patient B.

According to Dr. Tram Cong Chat, Head of Thoracic – Vascular Surgery, this is a rare case because with such injuries, direct injuries are often found in the liver and intestines.

“However, the patient had a heart wound in a complex location. It is a very serious injury, which is considered an emergency in the surgical emergency of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. Patients have a high mortality rate if not diagnosed and treated promptly.

Heart wound surgery is very complicated, with high difficulty, requiring experienced specialist surgeons who are able to sew the wound quickly and with the right technique when the heart is beating,” said Doctor Chat.


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