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The three-minute rule – VnExpress Life

The “three-minute rule” helps you to practice, forge yourself, thereby opening up a better self.

Think three minutes before speaking, talk three minutes instead of long talk

There is an old saying that “deep water flows slowly, noble people speak slowly”, which advises people to think carefully before speaking, because words are like water that has been poured and cannot be taken back.

The three-minute rule was also mentioned in the book “The 3 minute rule – Say Less to Get More“(The 3-Minute Rule – Say More) by Brant Pinvidic, a famous Canadian speaker and director, which encourages you to convey only what needs to be said clearly and succinctly, within three minutes. Or less The author thinks that thinking before speaking, talking less and listening more is the way for you to get more.

Author Brant Pinvidic at the launch of the popular book The 3-Minute Rule - Say More, October 2019.  Photo: Amazone

Author Brant Pinvidic at the launch of the famous book “The 3-Minute Rule – Say a lot less”, October 2019. Image: Amazon

Communication is an art, a single sentence can make others laugh or get angry. Therefore, everything you say needs to be carefully considered. If you can say less, never say more. If you can speak slowly, never speak fast. If you can speak softly, never speak harshly.

Before getting angry, stop for three minutes

Life is not always good. There are times when unhappy things happen, making you angry and impatient. When angry, people easily act impulsively, the consequences are difficult to control. What you say right now can only hurt others and yourself, not to mention anger harming your body. An American study found that the energy expended in 10 minutes of anger is equivalent to running 3,000 meters. Another study from Harvard University showed that, when you are angry, your liver is damaged, the amount of blood in your stomach and intestines decreases sharply, losing your appetite, even causing stomach ulcers.

To control anger, take three minutes to control it. During this time, you should manage your breathing by taking deep, forceful breaths. Normally, when you’re angry, your breathing becomes shallower and faster, so you need to reverse that trend by taking slow, deep breaths from your nose and out through your mouth for a few minutes. After just three minutes of breathing, you will feel your emotions drop. When you control your initial emotions, you will gradually see things more objectively.

Do everything three minutes early

Arriving three minutes before an appointment shows respect for others, also makes a good impression on yourself, and shows people your sincerity. Set everything up three minutes before proceeding, show responsibility to yourself, create buffer time for yourself, instead of rushing and screwing up. Thanks to this “buffer” time, if you encounter any difficulties, you can calmly solve them.

Think for yourself for three minutes

It is often said that “first, take responsibility for yourself, then take responsibility”, which means that before blaming others, you should look at yourself. This is also a human weakness, most of them tend to criticize others but refuse to look back at their mistakes.

The “three-minute rule” encourages you to look at the problem objectively, to see your own good and bad instead of complaining and criticizing.

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