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What’s in the space hotel slated to open in 2025?


What’s in the space hotel slated to open in 2025?

Waking up in a luxury hotel room with a view of the solar system could be the future of space tourism.

What's in the space hotel slated to open in 2025?  - Photo 1.

(Photo: Orbital Assembly)

Recently, the US-based Orbital Assembly space company has revealed information about its space hotel concept. The first designs have been out and under review since 2019.

The company is currently aiming to launch two space stations with accommodation for tourists. One station, called Voyager, with a capacity of 400 people, is expected to open in 2027. The other, called Pioneer, with a capacity of 28 people, could be operational within the next three years.

Orbital Assembly says its goal is to run a “business park” in the space – where offices and tourists are gathered. Besides, reducing costs for users is also another goal targeted by this company. “Our goal has always been to enable a large number of people to live, work and thrive in space,” Tim Alatorre, chief executive officer of Orbital Assembly, said in an interview.

Interior drawings of the two special space stations mentioned above show that the structure is not much different from a luxury hotel on Earth, only adding a view into outer space. Artificial gravity inside the station also allows users to use certain amenities as usual, typically showers or the ability to sit down and eat.

It is known that the ISS space station has welcomed tourists, including the world’s first space tourist Dennis Tito in 2001. However, Alatorre believes that the ISS is still basically a place to work. and research. Compared with this feature, Orbital Assembly’s “hotels” will offer a different experience, making visitors feel at home, not in a research center.

Speaking of costs, Alatorre said that while space tickets are very expensive right now, space tourism won’t just be for billionaires. “We’re doing everything we can to make space travel accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy,” he said. Besides the cost barrier, the way it operates and the safety is also the top concerns. Alatorre and his colleagues are currently trying to solve these problems and firmly believe in the success of space tourism.

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