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Why should my money be “lost”?

Where is the “lost” season?

Simply, all car manufacturers in Vietnam do not sell directly to end-users, but through the dealer system in the form of buying and selling in installments. The company will sell to the dealer, and the dealer will sell the car back to the customer as its property.

Why should my money be

Many car models are sold with “lost”. Toyota’s photo.

Because of that factor, the sales contract will be in the name of the agent and how the sales policy will be decided by them, based on the terms of the agency contract with the company. This sale, like any other business model, must ensure the sale and profit for the investor.

Therefore, in order to increase profit margin and make a difference with competitors of the same – different brands, agents will add this and that to the product package to give away or sell to customers. This is the traditional peanut.

In addition, in the actual context, it may be due to many factors such as Covid-19 disrupting the supply of spare parts, vehicles being shipped but not of sufficient quality to be shipped or during the peak shopping season, which salesperson should I also saw that the yard was full of rice, but knew that there was still a shortage of rice, so if you want to have a car, you have to queue, but if you want to be the first, you have to pay.

The rules of the game are in the hand, if you agree, you will sign, if you don’t, then stop. This is off-time.

So why buy “peanut”?

Due to the nature of our own shopping behavior. When the money in the pocket is enough, its urge causes the ego to rise, the desire to increase dramatically and the desire to have the item immediately at any cost. It’s time to go to Tet, to run for the holidays, even in time for auspicious days to go to the sea…

Why should my money be

Why buy “peanut”. KP’s photo.

There are too many reasons that seem unstoppable, causing users to switch their hands from hilt to tongue, from active to passive, and from god to slave of merchants. We lose a bunch of extra money just to satisfy our inevitable need, then complain to the salesperson, the firm as if we’ve been duped.

Where is the problem? Due to lack of information. We always have only one option and then idolize it to the point where there are no satisfying alternatives. Granted, each person has a decision, but pushing themselves into such a situation is the salesman’s trap of “loving no one else is waiting”. When you get married, get married immediately, buy a car and leave the letter for a few days.

Experience is a car booking half a year in advance or buying in low season or going to the warehouse to “check” if there is a car, then sign in and sign that car. KYEven close to Tet, close to the day still not slip, even full of gifts without getting lost.

So if you don’t buy it quickly, what do you get? Even if you buy it now, it’s still not certain that you can go in the context of the factory lying around because of the lack of items like now and the used car is going up in price higher than the new car.

It is best to suppress the need and firmly say no to “lost”. We should have a 2nd, 3rd option to choose from because the multiplication is infinite, not sure if your 1st option is really or not. And if the immediate need is just to go out for a short time with occasional return to the countryside, renting a car is a reasonable choice. We rent one for each trip, the earlier the booking, the cheaper the price.

Thus, both increase the experience, and change the wind often and still save quite a bit of money. Isn’t that a more sensible investment?

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