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10 extremely hot wedding dress trends to help brides play big in 2022

The Met Gala is an annual event for celebrities and cult stars. Each year, this event takes a certain fashion theme so that guests can freely express their personality through the costumes. Therefore, the Met Gala is also considered by industry insiders to be an extremely eye-catching fashion party and consumes a lot of press coverage.

This year, the Met Gala is held on May 2 and is themed about fashion in America. Among the hundreds of costumes chosen and worn by guests, there are ideas about wedding dress Extremely cool and creative was included.

With the available popularity of the Met Gala, the following dress details promise to become the “sweeping” trend of weddings this year.

Fur dress

Fur material has been chosen by many famous wedding dress companies such as Marchesa, Monique Lhuillier or Oscar De La Renta for their collections over the years. This soft, luxurious yet elegant material will be one of the top choices for high-end wedding dresses. If you want a fur dress that looks new and unique, you can refer to the set of Emma Stone (Louis Vuitton dress) or Eiza González (set of Michael Kors collection).

10 wedding dress trends this year through the Met Gala 2022 event - Photo 1.

Emma Stone in a Louis Vuitton dress


A crown is an accessory that makes it easy to stand out in the party and assert yourself as the center of attention. The bride is the host of her own wedding, so why not consider wearing a glittery tiara? This accessory does not need to be too ostentatious, but just as delicate as Anna Wintour and Emma Chamberlain is too impressive.

Wedding in 2022, the bride can

Anna Wintour with a glittering tiara.


Wedding Usually prefer colors like white, red or pink, but this year’s Met Gala has brought a different color suggestion for brides, which is blue. The blue color is cool but equally outstanding, combined with the long flowing skirt of soft, flying material. The bride wearing such a dress will turn into a fairy in a fairyland. Imaan Hammam and Quannah Chasinghorse are two female stars with two of the most unique blue dresses at this year’s Met Gala.

Wedding in 2022, the bride can

Imaan Hammam

Sparkling sequin dress

The sequin dress never goes out of fashion because of the unique charm that this material brings to the wearer. The bride is the one who should stand out in her party, so a long evening gown with glittery sequins will be the perfect choice for the evening party. Because the material is already outstanding, the dress doesn’t need to be too fussy anymore, just as simple as Kim Kardashian’s and Phoebe Bridgers’ dresses, it’s luxurious enough.

Wedding in 2022, the bride can

Kim Kardashian

Layered skirts

The princess-style layered skirt is a bold idea for brides who want to “go big” on their wedding day. Layered skirts are often very elaborate, if not sewn carefully, they will look ridiculous and cumbersome. With layered skirts, the bride should choose simple colors, the neckline of the dress reduces redundant details to look more elegant.

10 wedding dress trends this year through the Met Gala 2022 event - Photo 2.

Tessa Thompson in a Carolina Herrera dress

Cup dress

The detail of the cup is a charming and attractive highlight for the bride’s wedding dress. This wedding dress so far is also very enthusiastic about “promoting” for the details of the square neck cup or the chest cup combined with bare shoulders. Billie Eilish and Paloma Elsesser are the two female stars who own the most impressive cup dress in the Met Gala 2022.

Wedding in 2022, the bride can

Billie Eilish

Flared skirt

The floating design creates the impression of a beautiful and elegant princess, avoiding the heavy feeling like multi-layered, multi-layered dresses. Skirts are tight or cup the bust at the top and flare out at the bottom. This is also the most popular design of the wedding dresses that brides often choose.

Wedding in 2022, the bride can

Miranda Kerr

Short evening dress

The short evening dresses or above the knee are both convenient to move, and create a gentle and lovely feeling. This design is very suitable for the bride to go to toast, greet the table. Sydney Sweeney and Winnie Harlow are the two stars who brought this idea to this year’s Met Gala.

Wedding in 2022, the bride can

Sydney Sweeney

Lace Gloves

Lace gloves in the same color as the dress are an accessory worth trying if the bride wants to become a more noble and luxurious version. In the past, lace gloves were often present in the costumes of the upper class and aristocracy. Therefore, gloves will form a special highlight for the bride’s wedding dress.

10 wedding dress trends this year through the Met Gala 2022 event - Photo 3.

Karlie Kloss with Givenchy lace glove design

Split skirt

Finally, there is the split skirt. The cut-out dresses are no longer strange in a cult fashion stage like the Met Gala. But this year, no one can beat the delicate cut dress of two female stars Hailey Bieber and Olivia Rodrigo.

Wedding in 2022, the bride can

Olivia Rodrigo qua-se-gia-dap-tat-ca-20220505223716466.chn

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