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5 characteristics of the poor, working hard but not feeling poor

Rough and bold eyebrows

Regardless of whether it is a man or a woman, whoever has both coarse and dark eyebrows is born a superficial person, or gives up halfway. The fatal disadvantage is that they are very volatile, easily fall into the scene of “standing in this mountain and looking at that mountain”, carrying poverty on themselves.

The reason is that, even though they have some capacity, they always make unreasonable demands on their own with their partners, cause difficulties for partners, or be erratic in performance because of emotional work, so even No matter how good they are, they don’t achieve high performance.

5 characteristics of the poor, working hard but not feeling poor - Photo 1.

Rough and bold eyebrows. Photo: Khoevadep

Short forehead

According to the concept of feng shui horoscopes, those whose foreheads are too short, their youth is always harder and longer than their peers. This type of person, no matter how agile, hard-working, enthusiastic, and hard-working, they all suffer from the situation of “burnt sticky rice”, constant poverty.

In addition, people with short foreheads, instead of recognizing the truth and changing themselves, they always blame fate and blame others, so they are gradually rejected by colleagues, friends, and superiors. , a life of poverty and hardship. Whenever they do something, it breaks down and fails, so even if they study it carefully or cooperate with the right person, at the right time, it will always be a waste of money and resources. The vicious circle of money surrounds them all their lives, if they make a little fortune, it will be very short.

The bridge of the nose is rough, crooked, showing bones

5 characteristics of the poor, working hard but not feeling poor - Photo 2.

The bridge of the nose is rough, crooked, exposed bones. Photo: Khoevadep

The nose is a symbol of personal capacity and cognitive ability of a person. Looking at the facial features, the person whose nose is thin and exposed is lonely all his life, has an arrogant personality, so it is difficult to cooperate with others, is also strict and fastidious, and selfishly thinks only of himself, so everyone is shunned. .

People with crooked nose bridge, not straight, nose bridge protruding, have a strange temperament, the way they treat people is also different from ordinary people, like to stand out, or show off in front of their superiors, but are somewhat unreasonable and aggressive. , easy to make a bad impression. In anthropology, the nose is the sign of Tai Bach, so people with bad nose generals will find it difficult to prosper. A person whose nose is crooked and shows bones, but is crooked and not straight, his life’s fortune is not very good, it is necessary to have noble people to support him to improve his luck.

The chin is short but small

5 characteristics of the poor, working hard but not feeling poor - Photo 3.

The chin is short and small. Photo: Khoevadep

Those who have both short and small chin, no matter how well-proportioned face, ruddy skin, and good-looking figure, will be poor all their life. Especially at the age of adolescence, when others are leisurely enjoying happiness, they still have to work hard for money.

The cause is sometimes not because of them, but because of their children, family or partner. But in general, they spend ten at once, so they don’t accumulate much, a lifetime is always “struggling for money”.

Sugar has scars, wrinkles, is hidden by eyebrows

The road seal is the position between the two eyebrows, symbolizing whether a person’s ambition can be realized or not. India should be open and airy, with a raised part, the Indian road has many wrinkles, scars or is hidden by the eyebrows.

The person whose India is obscured will create the feeling that India is small, making the heart narrow and not daring to dream of anything high. They always fall into the situation of lack of money because fortune is not much, it is difficult to do anything big in life.

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