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Blatantly selling ‘underground’ project land in the middle of Hanoi

Hanoi Department of Construction has just announced violations in real estate business activities of Gia Khanh Real Estate Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company (Thach Ban Ward, Long Bien District) and Service Joint Stock Company. Real estate Beautiful house at original price (Kuong Mai ward, Thanh Xuan district).

Accordingly, the violations of these two businesses are not authorized and do not have the written permission of the Housing and Urban Development Investment Corporation (HUD) to buy, sell, and raise capital for investors. Thanh Lam – Dai Thinh new urban area project 2 (trade name Hud Me Linh Central) in Me Linh district (Hanoi).

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Despite not being authorized and not having written permission of the investor, 2 businesses have mobilized capital at the Thanh Lam – Dai Thinh 2 New Urban Area project with the trade name HUD Me Linh Central.

According to the Department of Construction, the administrative violations of the two companies above have been handled in accordance with the law. Specifically, on the same day of April 12, the City People’s Committee fined Gia Khanh Real Estate Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company 280 million VND and Real Estate Services Joint Stock Company Beautiful House with original price 140 million VND. .

At the same time, this Department also widely publicizes the violations of the two enterprises above so that other organizations and individuals involved in the purchase, sale and mobilization of capital may be affected by their legitimate rights and interests. due to the activities of the above two units. The Department proposes to contact the City Police for consideration and settlement in accordance with the law.

Previously, HUD warned that impersonating an investor to offer products at Hud Me Linh Central project.

The investor said that the construction of low-rise housing in the Thanh Lam – Dai Thinh 2 new urban area project in Thanh Lam and Dai Thinh communes, Me Linh district is being carried out by enterprises to prepare investment procedures. investment and construction investment, not yet eligible to conduct business by the method of selling houses formed in the future according to the provisions of law. However, on some websites and social networks, there are a number of units and individuals impersonating the investor to advertise, market and sell real estate products of the project that are not true. .

At that time, on many real estate classifieds sites, social networks appeared a series of information for sale of real estate in this project. According to the table of the land “stork”, the price of the land lot ranges from 24 million VND to 28 million VND/m2. Not only inviting customers to pay a deposit to reserve a place, the land “stork” also advises, the contract price for each 125m2 plot of land is only 11 million VND/m2, the rest is the difference.

In fact, the situation of many companies and real estate exchanges operating in chaos in buying, selling and raising capital is not uncommon in the market. According to the Ministry of Construction, up to now, about 800 exchanges have returned to operation (compared to 400 exchanges in the fourth quarter of 2021). However, the ministry also pointed out that the operation of many real estate exchanges has not yet ensured the good management of real estate transactions and prevention of money laundering in the real estate sector.

The business of real estate brokerage services has not been well controlled. There is a phenomenon that real estate trading floors collude with each other to “hug goods”, make prices, create waves, blow prices to cause a virtual fever to eat the difference and disturb the market.

Recorded from the end of 2021 to present situation earth fever has spread to many localities, tends to follow information on infrastructure planning. According to real estate experts, the land fever has many causes, including the brokerage price stimulation, pushing the price to “warm up” the market.

The Ministry of Construction said that it has asked localities to transparently publicize construction planning information, lists and implementation progress of infrastructure development projects, special real estate projects. are large projects and the merger, establishment and upgrading of local administrative units, preventing the spreading of rumors and speculation to push up prices for illegal profiteering.

In addition, strengthening control over the operation of real estate trading floors, organizations and individuals practicing real estate brokerage; correct the behavior of trading and changing hands many times, “blowing prices” causing disturbances in market information.

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‘Stork’ riots with land fever, tight control of brokers, police investigate who ‘blows prices’

Many localities have intervened to prevent the land fever, where real estate brokerage activities are strictly controlled, where the police are required to monitor areas with signs of sudden increase in land prices, investigate those who have speculative behavior, inflate prices…

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