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CO poisoning, Thai Binh young man almost died

06/05/2022 09:14 GMT+7

If not treated promptly, CO poisoning will result in loss of consciousness, deep coma, lifelong vegetative life, and even death.

Patient Dang Van Tuan (28 years old, residing in Dong Hung district, Thai Binh province) was transferred to Bai Chay Hospital in a state of coma, respiratory failure after CO asphyxia, with a high risk of mortality. The doctors performed first aid by means of active resuscitation, consulted specialists and conducted hyperbaric oxygen therapy. After 48 hours, the patient was awake and the vital index was stable.

Doctor Le Tien Dung – Department of ICU said that after 10 days of combined treatment with specialists in intensive care, neurology – rehabilitation combined with hyperbaric oxygen according to the protocol, the patient has so far been cured. fully awake, recovered well without any sequelae.

CO is a colorless, odorless gas that is difficult to detect. When inhaled, CO quickly penetrates the blood and deprives the blood of oxygen. Victims will have symptoms of headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, chest pain.

CO poisoning causes damage to brain cells leading to fluid drainage, brain edema, patients may lose consciousness, deep coma, live a vegetative life for life, even death if not treated immediately. timely treatment.

Many cases of patients asphyxiated by CO, even though their lives were saved, left serious sequelae such as memory impairment, decreased concentration, facial paralysis, abnormal movement, difficulty walking, stiff limbs and tremors, hemiplegia…

CO poisoning, Thai Binh young man almost died
The patient is resuscitated.

Hyperbaric oxygen is indicated for emergency treatment of CO poisoning. This method can quickly remove toxic gases from the patient, especially the brain.

CKI doctor Phan Minh Hai – Department of Neurology – Rehabilitation, Bai Chay Hospital assessed: “In a normal environment, CO gas has an affinity for Hemoglobin of red blood cells in the blood – the substance that transports oxygen from the lungs to the lungs. Nourish the body 200 times more than oxygen.

However, when the patient is treated in a high-pressure environment, the high-pressure oxygen displaces CO from the hemoglobin, returning its oxygen transport function, increasing the release of oxygen to the body’s tissues. lack of oxygen.

Therefore, hyperbaric oxygen will quickly eliminate CO in a short time, helping patients with CO poisoning recover quickly and reduce neurological sequelae.

Operating the hyperbaric oxygen center since 2015, until now, Bai Chay Hospital has successfully treated about 20 cases of CO poisoning.

In addition, high pressure oxygen technology is also effectively applied by the hospital in emergency and treatment of serious and critical diseases such as cerebral infarction, diving accidents,…; medical and surgical diseases such as tinnitus, sudden deafness, severe burns, patients after radiation therapy; effective recovery for long-lasting skin ulcers, after orthopedic surgery, etc.; cosmetology, beauty, post-covid treatment…

Thereby improving the efficiency of first aid and patient treatment, meeting the people’s demand for high quality medical examination and treatment services.


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