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Composer Quach Beem claims the copyright of the lyrics of the song Ganh mom

Ho Chi Minh CityComposer Quach Beem said that the song “Gang mother” used in the film by singer Ly Hai company was composed by himself, the lyrics were not by Mr. Truong Minh Nhat.

On May 6, Mr. Doan Dong Duc (stage name Quach Beem) submitted an application to the People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City, appealing against the judgment of accepting part of the plaintiff’s petition. Truong Minh Nhat, 55 years old; recognize him as the author of the poem Mother burden.

According to the appeal, musician Quach Beem believes that he is the author and owner of the music Mother’s burden has been granted a certificate of registration by the Copyright Office in 2019. He affirmed that the musical work Mother’s burden because I composed the lyrics and music from 2013. By 2019, due to the need to use it for movie soundtracks Flip Face – The house has guests of Ly Hai Production Co., Ltd. (by singer Ly Hai), so he submitted an application for copyright registration.

“The file with the sound signature prepared by me on October 25, 2013 is the original. The time of sending the dossier and the sound version for registration to the Copyright Office did not have any disputes or complaints.. The recognition of Mr. Truong Minh Nhat by the People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City as the author of the poem Mother’s burden affect my honor and reputation”, the appeal stated.

Currently, Mr. Truong Minh Nhat said that he does not intend to appeal the court’s ruling.

Mr. Truong Minh Nhat who sued musician Quach Beem and singer Ly Hai's company.  Photo: Thao Mi

Mr. Truong Minh Nhat – who sued musician Quach Beem and singer Ly Hai’s company. Image: Thao Mi

Verdict of First Instance Determined, Poem Mother’s burden Written in 2014 by Mr. Nhat while taking care of his seriously ill mother at the hospital. On June 13, 2014, he posted the entire poem on Facebook “Tho Van”. At the end of July 2014, he re-posted the poem on his personal Facebook page, all of these contents have been edited.

In 2019, he discovered that singer Ly Hai’s company used the song Mother’s burden music by Quach Beem, whose lyrics are taken from his poem of the same name in the movie Flip 4 – House With Guests. He contacted Quach Beem and singer Ly Hai to solve the case, asked both to publicly apologize, and edit all publications containing the song. Mother’s burden Quach Beem’s music, lyrics by Truong Minh Nhat and stop using the poem.

However, the company Ly Hai and musician Quach Beem said that the use of this song was legal, did not agree with the request, so Mr. Nhat sued.

During the trial, Mr. Nhat affirmed that he was the author and the sole owner of the poem. He requested that Ly Hai’s company name himself as the author of the poem in the film and all related articles, posts, and published information; At the same time, he asked Ly Hai’s company to pay 825 million VND in damages and to apologize and make public corrections.

For musician Quach Beem, Mr. Nhat asked to stop exploiting the poem Mother’s burden on all vehicles, platforms and compensation for more than 500 million VND.

Composer Quach Beem.  Photo: NVCC

Composer Quach Beem. Image: NVCC

On April 25, the People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City held a first-instance trial, accepting part of Mr. Nhat’s petition; Nhat is recognized as the author and copyright holder of literary works and poems Mother’s burden. At the same time, Mr. Nhat is the copyright owner of the lyrics of the musical work of the same name.

Since then, the court forced singer Ly Hai’s company to guarantee Mr. Nhat’s moral rights to the poem Mother’s burden – mention Mr. Nhat’s name in the author of the poem used in the movie Flip 4 – The house has guests and all related published articles and information pages.

The jury also forced musician Quach Beem to temporarily stop exploiting the lyrics of the song Mother’s burden across all media and platforms. The musician must correct and correct false information in the application for registration with the Copyright Office about the fact that he is not the author of the poem. In addition, this musician must compensate Mr. Nhat for more than 120 million VND for physical and mental damages and for the cost of hiring a lawyer.

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