Daughter elected Duc spent billions to catch the bottom of HAG shares

Hoang Anh Gia Lai Joint Stock Company – HAGL (HAG) has just announced the results of a stock transaction of a related person inside the company, Mrs. Doan Hoang Anh, the daughter of Mr. Doan Nguyen Duc (ie elected Duc). , Chairman of the Board of Directors of HAGL.

Specifically, Ms. Hoang Anh completed buying 1 million HAG shares in the last 5/5 session to increase the number of shares held in her father’s business to 9 million units, equivalent to 0.97% of public capital. company.

In the session of May 5, HAG’s stock price closed at 9,990 dong, temporarily calculated at this price, Ms. Hoang Anh had to spend nearly 10 billion VND to complete the above transaction.

Notably, the purchase of HAG shares by Duc’s daughter took place in the context that HAG’s stock has decreased continuously for the past one month. From the price range of more than 13,000 dong/share in early April, HAG has dropped to the current 9,400 dong area, equivalent to a net decrease of nearly 30% within 1 month. This is also the lowest price range that HAG shares have recorded since the beginning of 2022.

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HAG stock is falling to the lowest level since early 2022. (Photo: Tradingview)

This is not the first time Ms. Hoang Anh has spent billions to catch the bottom of HAG shares. Before that, it was the daughter of Duc’s family who spent more 40 billion VND to buy 8 million shares of HAG in the period from August to September 2021. After Ms. Hoang Anh completed these purchases, HAG stock recorded a strong recovery trend and tripled in price, making her investment tens of billions of dong.

Currently, in addition to the number of shares held by Doan Hoang Anh’s daughter, elect Duc is still the largest shareholder directly owning nearly 320 million HAG shares, equivalent to 34.5% of corporate capital.

According to the financial report of the first quarter, after the first 3 months of the year, HAGL recorded 803 billion VND net revenue, increased 3 times over the same period last year. Thanks to improved business activities, elected Duc’s business earns profit after tax 258 billion VNDincreased sharply compared to the loss 69 billion VND same period. This is also the highest profit HAGL has recorded in a business quarter since 2018 until now.

According to HAGL’s management, the main reason for the sharp increase in revenue and profit in the first quarter of 2022 is the positive change in the business activities of selling fruits, selling pork, and selling goods and services.

According to this year’s business plan, HAGL’s management is expected to record 4,800 billion VND revenue and profit after tax 1,120 billion VNDan increase of 119% and 775% respectively compared to 2021.

Thus, after the first quarter of the year, elected Duc’s business only completed 17% of the revenue target and 23% of the year’s profit plan.

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