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Football exchanges connect the Vietnamese community in Japan

Football exchanges connect the Vietnamese community in Japan - Photo 1.

Atmosphere The Opening Ceremony of the AVO Open Cup Football Tournament at Nishihara Stadium in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan’s southernmost tip on May 1.

The 2022 AVO Open Cup football tournament is part of a series of events to celebrate the 47th anniversary of the National Reunification Day (April 30, 1975 – April 30, 2022) and the 136th anniversary of the International Labor Day (May 1). 1886 – May 1, 2022). The opening ball tournament on May 1 is also an activity to prepare for the official birth of AVO (scheduled to be held on June 18, 2022).

Under the patronage of the Consulate General of Vietnam in Fukuoka, in charge of the Kyushu consular area (including Okinawa) as well as the support of Japanese donors and the Vietnamese community in Okinawa, within Only 1 month of preparation, AVO’s interim Executive Committee was brave and determined to organize for the first time a football tournament in the name of the Association, bringing together strong teams from localities in Okinawa Prefecture, including FC Co Dam, FC Convergence, FC Naha, FC Nghe An, FC Okinawa, FC Thanh Chuong, FC Uruma with hundreds of “players” who are students, trainees, engineers, staff in schools, local company.

The process of preparing for the Prize has created great interest and attention in the community and in the local public opinion. A number of “elders” in the community, who have settled in Okinawa, Japan since the late 70s of the last century, along with many newly established monks and young people, attended, witnessed, and cheered the award ceremony. fight.

Football exchanges unite the Vietnamese community in Japan - Photo 2.

Consul General Vu Binh (middle) and members of the Organizing Committee of the Prize.

Local public opinion is also very interested in the large-scale sporting event in the community of more than 3,000 Vietnamese people in Okinawa, organized by AVO. The two largest newspapers of Okinawa Prefecture, the Okinawa Times and the Ryukyu newspaper, sent reporters to cover the tournament.

In order to gradually improve the professional level of the tournament, the Organizing Committee had the initiative to invite two Saigon Club players, Pham Van Luan and Vu Hong Quan, who are playing for FC Ryukyu (a professional Japanese football team). at J. League 2) attend.

Speaking at the Opening Ceremony, Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong – Provisional President of AVO – Head of the Organizing Committee of the Tournament highlighted the meaning of April 30 and emphasized that the purpose of organizing the tournament is to create a healthy playing field. , useful for those who are passionate about the king’s sport, and at the same time contribute to strengthening exchanges and solidarity in the Vietnamese community living, studying and working in Okinawa Prefecture.

Ms. Huong expressed her hope that through this award, the Organizing Committee will learn a lot from experience as well as discover positive and talented factors in the community in Okinawa to serve sports, cultural and community activities. copper in the near future.

Football exchanges connect the Vietnamese community in Japan - Photo 3.

Atmosphere on the field.

Speaking congratulating the tournament, Consul General Vu Binh thanked the cooperation and support of the government and functional agencies, organizations, businesses and schools in Okinawa for this tournament, especially sympathy, encouragement and support for the Vietnamese in Okinawa in studying, working and living a harmonious, stable and developing life in the host country.

Mr. Vu Binh shared his passion for football, expressed his sympathy and support for the desire to organize football tournaments in particular and sports and culture in general in order to enhance exchanges and build friendships. spreading positive energy among Vietnamese youth to each other and to the host country.

Football exchanges connect the Vietnamese community in Japan - Photo 4.

The players played their best.

Mr. Vu Binh assessed that although it was the first time the tournament was organized, the preparation time was short and faced many challenges, but with determination, high unity and clear assignment, the Organizing Committee of the tournament has fulfilled the wish with the regulations. The model, form, and participants in the tournament are worthy of respect. The Consulate General affirmed that the Consulate General will always support, assist, advise, accompany and directly participate when needed in organizing meaningful movements and activities such as this football tournament. contribute to building a strong, united and developed Vietnamese community and make worthy contributions to the development of Vietnam-Japan relations in each locality and the whole region.

In the end, FC Co Dam won and won the Championship Cup. The best player of the tournament went to player Le Van Ngoi of FC Convergence, while the best goalkeeper of the tournament belonged to goalkeeper Phan Dinh Thuan of FC Co Dam.

The majority of the audience, both Vietnamese and Japanese friends, appreciated the success of the tournament in terms of organization and quality, becoming a memorable sporting event with good impressions. A healthy playground, health training for young people and an opportunity to promote exchanges and community connection. The organizers of AVO look forward to continuing to receive the patronage and companionship of the Consulate General to organize the next football tournaments in the near future.

Along with attending and supporting the organization of the first AVO Open Cup, the Consulate General’s delegation also had a number of working sessions with the AVO Interim Executive Committee – the first time ever. gathered with all members and had a number of working sessions and exchanges with local authorities, friendship associations and some businesses that are or wish to establish cooperative relations with Vietnam.

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