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Fortune rushes in, the nobles help thanks to the “golden position”

Feng shui in the house is an art that helps people live in harmony with nature, using nature to make life more perfect. Houses built in accordance with feng shui will help bring peace of mind, peace and a positive spirit in the process of living for family members. In other words, a house with good feng shui will help create good fortune, create conditions for the owner to make a fortune, have good health, and everything will be favorable and smooth.

Once you see a house with the following 3 characteristics, don’t think and hesitate for too long, but prioritize choosing it as a place to live for your family:

1. The house is ventilated, has a lot of light

This is the leading feng shui house evaluation criteria. Whether choosing land or choosing a house, you should choose a well-ventilated place, but that does not mean that the wind is blowing too hard. According to feng shui, a good house must let the wind gather, which means strong winds will definitely not be a prosperous land. Where the strong wind blows, fortune will be blown away, unable to gather in the house.

Too much wind is not good, but if the wind is too slow and light, the air will not be circulated, creating the phenomenon of “swallowing” of stronger air currents, and at the same time not large enough to generate new fortune, … The most ideal living environment is the wind blowing gently, cool enough.

In addition to wind, one of the most recognizable and easiest to assess signs is the light in the house. A house that is considered good feng shui will have an effective light direction to help the house always have enough light to spread throughout the rooms. In addition, houses with a lot of light also mean that it will be easy to get wind and ventilation, making the house always full of yang and good for the health and fortune of the owner.

If you are in a house that is too tight with a high wall, murky gate, you also have to turn on the lights during the day, it will make the yin strong, affecting the spirit of the occupants, the health of the owner will also be affected. bad influence.

2. Houses in areas with many roads

According to the concept of feng shui, the wider the road next to the house, the more glory and wealth. It is understandable that a house near major roads is often easy to trade, do business, and fortune also increases rapidly because of that.

Lucky for your family to live in one of these 3 types of houses: Wealth rushes in, people help thanks to the golden position - Photo 2.

Each path in feng shui is considered to represent a stream of water, where the “dragon circuit” moves. Therefore, the main road is considered a type of water dragon, the national highway (main axis) is considered the main waterway (mainstream), the small road or alley is like a river branch.

Therefore, for every business person, locations near intersections or frontage of major roads are “golden” locations, especially when the urbanization process in urban areas is taking place and growing rapidly. as high as Ho Chi Minh City. As long as you have the right business strategy, money will then spawn at a dizzying speed.

However, the feng shui of a house right near the intersection is extremely bad for the following cases:

The curved road in front of the house has a curved direction opposite the house, like a curved knife, the house will be in a position to be disturbed, cutting off luck affecting health as well as career.

– The curved road combined with the straight road forms an arc facing the house. This is also a bad omen for the homeowner.

3. The house has the characteristic “left of Thanh Long, right of Bach Ho, before Chu Tuoc, after Huyen Vu”

People often think that after Huyen Vu (behind the house) must have paint for town, before Chu Tuoc (in front of the house) must have water to gather air.

As for Thanh Long (on the left side of the house), there should be a road, and Bach Ho (on the right side of the house) should often plant trees. Because depicting dragon fruit means that the area on the left is the shelter of the Green Dragon. In terms of feng shui, here will have undulating terrain. If nature has not been predetermined, humans can improve it to be similar to this animal form to bring many good things.

Lucky for your family to live in one of these 3 types of houses: Wealth rushes in, you help thanks to the golden position - Photo 3.

Meanwhile, the right White Tiger (area on the right) is the shelter of the White Tiger, a mascot with the meaning of guarding and protecting goodness and luck. Normally, people will not let Bach Ho be taller than Thanh Long. Because the White Tiger raised his head too high to overwhelm the Dragon, the feng shui imbalance. Thus, when looking from the inside out, the left is Thanh Long and the right is Bach Ho. A house that ensures these elements can attract wealth and bring good luck to the family.

Even in the office, people will often design behind the seat a wall or a file cabinet to create a solid Huyen Vu pose. For the front area, there will be a large, unobstructed view for inspiration. On the right side is the White Tiger, a symbol of potential bravery and violence. This item can be positioned relatively low to the ground. On the left side is Thanh Long, you can place high objects beyond the eye level.

Some other signs that a home is worth living, helping the owner to prosper:

– The house has many cool and green trees: green trees are very good for human health, and at the same time help welcome prosperity into the house to help homeowners prosper and have abundant health. But homeowners must also pay attention to remove wilted, dying or dead plants and regularly prune trees to avoid overcast space, lack of natural light.

Lucky for your family to live in one of these 3 types of houses: Wealth rushes in, you help thanks to the golden position - Photo 4.

– The wall surrounding the house is not too high compared to the roof. Although many people want to ensure security, this way of construction makes the house mysterious and binding, the family will feel like they are in “jail”.

– The house is not near a tunnel, a railway, overlooking a bad, ferocious landscape or a ruined ruin. The reason is because houses in such a position will make the spirit of the people living in the house always stressed, tired and negative.

– Animals often come to the house: If there are often animals coming to the house such as bats entering the house, swallows building nests, etc., it proves that feng shui is good in this house. Living in this house for a long time, the whole family will have good luck, health, peace, abundant fortune.

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