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Hanoi: Ceiling fan falls in class, 1 student hospitalized

The ceiling fan has just fallen, in a series of hundreds of newly installed fans at this school (Photo: School FB).

On the morning of May 6, Mr. Nguyen Van Ngat, Head of the Education-Training Department of Thanh Tri district, said, on the 4th period of Technology, on April 27, at class 6A7 – classroom number 307, building A, Vinh Quynh Secondary School. Thanh Tri, Hanoi) during class time one ceiling fans near the upper door of the classroom suddenly fell while running.

The propeller hit a student studying at the front desk of row 2, injuring his chin. Immediately after the incident, the school coordinated with the family to take the student to the hospital for examination and treatment of injuries.

According to the hospital’s conclusion, the student had a skin wound or tear, so he needed stitches. Students are allowed to take a break from school to monitor their health. After 1 day, this student went back to school normally.

Talking to PV Dan Tri this morning (May 6), a representative of the construction unit said that the ceiling fan falling on students during school hours was due to an installation error.

“This fan is in a series of hundreds of units, we have just installed it for less than a year, the warranty period has not expired. Immediately after the accident happened, the construction unit cooperated with the school to visit and study. students, and at the same time to review all the fans installed at this school”, the representative said.

Talking quickly with PV Dan Tri, Mr. Le Thinh, Principal of Vinh Quynh Secondary School (Thanh Tri, Hanoi) said that, after treating his injuries, the student who had the accident above continued to go to school and did not take a break. which session.

The Department of Education and Training has reported to the District People’s Committee for a plan to handle the construction and installation unit; at the same time directing schools to re-check all equipment in the classroom to avoid other possible problems.

Hanoi: Ceiling fan fell in class, 1 student was hospitalized - Photo 1.

Mr. Pham Van Ngat, Head of Education and Training Department of Thanh Tri district informed about the case. Photo: VOV

Mr. Pham Van Ngat also said that this incident is a lesson for schools to strengthen inspection and review of school equipment and facilities to ensure safety: “When the project was handed over, the contractor had Inspection and quality assurance have just been handed over, but in the hands of schools – direct users also need to check carefully and regularly to ensure safety, prevent accidents and injuries. When this is put into use, the handover and acceptance will have to be carried out more closely, and the supervision stage will be strengthened.

Sharing with VOV, Mr. Nguyen Tien Cuong, Chairman of Thanh Tri District People’s Committee also said that, after the incident at Vinh Quynh Secondary School, the District People’s Committee has directed the District Construction and Investment Project Management Board to strengthen inspection and supervision of works under construction, reminding and drawing experience from construction units to ensure quality and safety so that the above unfortunate events do not occur.

In addition, the District People’s Committee also directed the Urban Management Department to strengthen the state management inspection of the quality of works in the area. Timely report to the District People’s Committee the shortcomings of the units during the construction process to ensure the quality of the works.

“On the school side, we have also requested to publicly notify the pedagogical council and students’ parents about the incident in order to stabilize psychologically, mentally, and feel secure in teaching and learning.” Chairman of Thanh Tri District People’s Committee added.

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