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Hot: Timor Leste discovered the first positive case at the 31st SEA Games

Coach Da Silva explained the registration of only 17 players in the 0-4 loss to the Philippines opening men’s football sea ​​Games when 4 players and 1 assistant tested positive for Covid.

Timor Leste with only 17 registered players played quite weakly and lost easily to the Philippines 0-4. About this, coach Da Silva explained: “Last week we had a friendly match against Malaysia and 3 days ago discovered the first positive case.

In total, U.23 Timor Leste had 4 players and 1 assistant coach had F0 so at the moment I am alone with 17 players. Today, when we checked, we found the first negative case. It is very likely that the players will be back in the next matches.”

Looking back at the 0-4 defeat against U.23 Philippines, Coach Da Silva corrected his previous statement that he wanted to compete for the semi-finals with Indonesia and Vietnam.

Coach Da Silva reacts to the referee


At the same time, he expressed dissatisfaction with the spirit of the students: “We have a good team, a generation of talented players and disciplined play. But today Timor Leste is not himself, by comparison. how to play ball in the past.

This is probably the worst match of Timor Leste in the past 8 months. Philippines is an experienced team and today our players didn’t give their best. Hopefully the next matches U.33 Timor Leste will have a better performance.”

Timor Leste easily lost to the Philippines 0-4


This match, Timor Leste does not have the appearance of Paulo Gali and Mr Da Silva “Paulo Gali is our brightest player currently playing in Europe and will sign for a club there.

Obviously I personally cannot prevent him from having a bright future in Europe. Therefore, Paulo Gali will only be able to play a few matches with U.23 Timor Leste.”

In the next match, U.23 Timor Leste will meet U.23 Myanmar at 4 p.m. on March 8 while U.23 Philippines will confront the team U.23 Vietnam at 19 o’clock on the same day.

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